Mpali Actress Mwiza weds at a colourful wedding

Mpali Actress Mwiza weds at a colourful wedding
Mpali Actress Mwiza weds at a colourful wedding

Africa-Press – Zambia. ADORED local series Mpali actress Anita Munamonga, alias Mwiza, has tied the knot with businessman Ian Chapiya. Ms Munamonga, who is Nguzu’s second wife in Mpali, is seen in a beautiful white gown during a colorful wedding ceremony.

The event was earlier today streamed live on Facebook by Mpali actress Samantha Zulu, who plays Lindiwe, one of Nguzu’s seven wives. In the clip, Nguzu’s third wife Shupiwe, real names Monde Daka, who is Anita’s close friend, is seen busy performing braidmaids’ duties.

At some point, Ms Daka held the microphone for the bride as she cited her wedding vows. “I will seek to support and encourage you spiritually, physically, socially, through each challenge of life, all what is mine is yours until death so us part,” a smiley Ms Munamonga vowed.

A happy looking Mpali actor Albert(Fredrick Chitangala) is also seen in the sizeable crowd where an excited audience is heard ululating in awe. “Beautiful!,” a female attendant is heard exclaiming as the audience complemented the praise.

A clergyman who blessed the union prayed that God’s hand be the centre of the new couple in town and watch over them. “No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper,” the pastor prayed during the outdoor church service.

In the comments section, the bride’s followers congratulated her while others, understandably, wondered whether the wedding was real or an future scene in Mpali which is never short of twists and turns.

“Is this the next episode or what…? If it’s not a film…we say congratulations to “Mwiza”, Teddy Chama Mazunda wrote.

Others were ‘worried’ for Mwiza, concluding that the polygamous Nguzu may not be happy about the development considering that the newly wed is among his favourite wives.

“Mr Nguzu won’t like this,” another comment by Evelyn Maheka read.

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