Munir Zulu calls for Life Audit of ACC officers and labels the institution corrupt after being summoned

Munir Zulu calls for Life Audit of ACC officers and labels the institution corrupt after being summoned
Munir Zulu calls for Life Audit of ACC officers and labels the institution corrupt after being summoned

Africa-Press – Zambia. LUMEZI Member of Parliament Hon Munir Zulu has said the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) in its current state has no capacity to fight corruption and has called for the life audit of all the officers that work for the ACC.

Speaking to Journalist today after he was summoned to provide information about the statement he made in parliament that he had the ACC officers are corrupt and he had bribed some, Hon Zulu that the current crop of Investigators at ACC is concentrating only on appeasing politicians.

He said he will soon move a motion in Parliament for the establishment of the Zambia Bureau of Investigators. Hon Zulu has challenged the officers at the ACC to show the country what they possess as opposed to pointing fingers at other people that they are corrupt.

“Let us investigate them let us go to package, let us go to lands. We print a list of the properties they own today and compare it with their salaries. It is a total mismatch,” he said. Hon Zulu has also lamented that the fight against corruption has been regionalized.

“Tell me one region that is being victimized if not Eastern or Northern Region, tell me one name. Out of the 18 million Zambians, tell me one name from Western or Southern Provinces.. it is a regional fight, no two ways about it,” he said.

Hon Zulu has also called on fourth Republican President Rupiah Bwezani Banda to advise the current President. “RB is the only man apparently the current President can listen from. Let him advise accordingly,” he said.

Hon Zulu has further put out the statement below on his Facebook page WOLVES IN SHEEPSKIN: The ACC The Law of equity and justice demands that those armed with the responsibility to investigate and prosecute wrongs must, first of all, be blameless of the very ills they seek to eliminate.

I have put a very simple and noble challenge to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and by consequence, to all other investigative wings. The people occupying these important offices are not immune from the probe. If they’re to be taken seriously by anyone, they must prove to themselves and to those whom they serve – as per mandate from the Constitution- that they are themselves principled.

The ACC called upon me to “help” them with information as per the statement I made in Parliament. Let me hasten to state that, unless some senses are missing in me, I have no time to submit any information to the same institution that is dirty, that mires in ills.

Some ask; what then is the way forward? Of course, if I don’t do anything about it, I would be as guilty as this institution for doing nothing when I, just like many, know-how discredited this ACC is. Therefore, I shall be making a proposition when Parliament opens for the abolishment of ACC entirely because, in its current state, this institution serves itself and not the people of Zambia.

I have seen a statement that seeks to damage my reasoning from the ACC. I have no better response than to ask them to go further with the same energy, to request a lifestyle audit of ALL officers working at this institution. They are scared to undergo this exercise to ascertain what they own and how they acquired such. It must tell Zambians something. They are wolves in sheepskin. No amount of arrogance will serve them from the blame they carry on their shoulders and faces every day.

At best ACC is a corrupt institution. At worst, it runs like a private profit-making enterprise that is only available for hire by a party that is in power.

In the last regard, ACC only pursues “suspects” from a former ruling party. Ironically, it loses sight of the ills of those in the ruling party or its allies. Is this how a reputable institution must operate? Certainly not.

I dare say – and am certain that many people here and abroad agree with me that – ACC needs to be eliminated because it is poisonous and is dividing this country.

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