Notorious drug dealer makes daring escape from DEC offices

Notorious drug dealer makes daring escape from DEC offices
Notorious drug dealer makes daring escape from DEC offices

Africa-Press – Zambia. A NOTORIOUS drug dealer yesterday leisurely strolled out of the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) headquarters in Lusaka after he pulled out a gun during interrogation and sent officers scampering for life.

According to DEC insiders, the drug dealer, whose name has been withheld for security reasons, had been on the Commission’s wanted list from the time he was released from prison a few months ago.

Following a tip-off, DEC officers managed to catch up with the ex-convict in the Lusaka bottleneck traffic last week but the experienced criminal managed to run off on foot, leaving his pursuers only with his motor vehicle full of marijuana along with an AK 47 magazine and ammunition.

Determined to cage their client, DEC enlisted the help of a police officer from Chelston Police Station who managed to track the drug dealer and convinced him to go to the the DEC offices, saying they were ready to hand him back his vehicle because it was gotten as a result of mistaken identity.

However, once he arrived at the DEC offices yesterday, the ex-convict was ushered into an interrogation room where he was quizzed for several minutes.

The interrogation ended with a decision to arrest the drug dealer but as officers got up to handcuff him, he pulled a 9 millimeter pistol and threatened to shoot.

The brave but criminal stunt from the ex-convict triggered bedlam amongst the officers who tripped over each other as they ran from the scene to prolong their life expectancy while others, like cats, squeezed themselves out of the tiny windows of the interrogation room.

With no one to stop him, the ex-convict then assisted himself to the door and majestically walked out of DEC headquarters and stopped a car on Government Road that carried him in the direction of the University Teaching Hospital (UTH).

Not ready to let the suspect get away that easily, one DEC officer summoned some Dutch courage, jumped on a vehicle and gave chase. Upon noticing that he was being trailed, the cheeky criminal opened fire at the officer, puncturing his tyres and perforated his car with bullets while frightened passersby around the UTH area dived to the ground for cover.

The DEC officer shot back a few times before running out of ammunition. With no more bullets for the showdown, the courage to continue pursuing the criminal abandoned the DEC officer, although he was left with enough energy and strength to spirit him into a blistering Commonwealth Games-kind of sprint to save his cherished life.

In the process of the Olympic-kind of running, the DEC officer dropped his pistol which was picked by the criminal before he vanished from the scene. After assessing the situation, cautious police officers from Kabwata Police Station arrived and tolled off the punctured vehicle and parked it at the Station. There has been no statement from the DEC or police on the matter and the victorious criminal remains at large.

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