Now Nevers Mumba dissolves MMD and defect to UPND

Now Nevers Mumba dissolves MMD and defect to UPND
Now Nevers Mumba dissolves MMD and defect to UPND

Africa-PressZambia. Now Nevers Mumba dissolves MMD and defect to UPND Yesterday 6th September, Dr Nevers Mumba whose New Hope MMD president held a meeting with several close friends and members of his committee to conduct a postmortem of the just ended elections where he got a paltry 4968 votes countrywide.

Dr Mumba whose New Hope MMD together with his running mate pastor Reuben Sambo were terribly sidetracked and beaten by new entrants the likes of Kalaba Harry, Fred Mmembe and Highvie Hamududu to mention a few.

This has angered many including those in his inner circle, who have since began to agitate for an immediate party convention to chose another leader for the party.

In the latest news of the, Dr Mumba presented a gloomy outlook of MMD to the meeting and proposing that the only way out of the mess, is to have the party dissolved, otherwise no one has the capacity to have it revived, hence posturing it for further embarrassments in future, a source in the meeting revealed.

“Dr Mumba upon being told step aside, he quickly intervened through Madam Chitika, saying let the president answer that proposal quickly before it becomes a motion.

“Then Dr Mumba, said I just won unopposed at the convention and we are in court, I can tell you, I have talked to some people at the highest level in the ruling, and trust me, we won’t survive this time around being in opposition, five years is too long, and dynamics will change. No one has the capacity to revive this party, the only way to preserve the legacy of the party is to have it dissolved.

“I have negotiated, for all of us, but first let’s dissolve. We then can jump, and no one will remain making noise about MMD, since it will cease to exist. But if we live it like this, it will haunt us, he said.

Another source that chose anonymity has also revealed that some executive members especially those who are pastors have already started cooking a report in line with the overall outcome.

“They claim there are committee members who are collecting information from the only 8 constituencies where we participated headed by Dr Mumba himself. Once we produce this report, which has already been cooked by secretaraite, Dr Mumba should quickly hold a press briefing and address these resolutions. Possibly this week, they say we must move fast. Before HH concludes appointments in the civil service, we will all be fused in. Then we can say it’s the people who have petitioned us to dissolve the party, he said.

MMD is set to hit another twist, as Dr Mumba is set to put the party to it’s grave. If as allegedly true, then Dr Mumba has dissolved three political parties in his entire political life. Starting with Christian Coalition party, the reform party and now the MMD.

A once illustrious political career that camped on the shores of politics of integrity, morality and Christian values, has finally come to an embarrassing end, doing the complete opposite.

We are yet to see, if more and more pastors will join active politics , after this not so convincing political career of Dr Mumba has cast a dark shade of dishonesty and trickery.


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