Open Letter to Edgar Lungu Former President of Zambia

Open Letter to Edgar Lungu Former President of Zambia
Open Letter to Edgar Lungu Former President of Zambia

Africa-PressZambia. Dear Sir, After attending Church service in Chainda compound accompanied by a phalanx of news crews as has become your habit whenever you choose to attend Church gatherings, you issued some very alarming statements which border on threatening our national cohesion and security. This was in reference to President Hichilema’s choice of appointment of commanders of our security wings, and of course presiding officers of our august house – Parliament.

You were quoted as follows in the September 6, 2021,issue of News Diggers publication, “It is for you to judge who means well. Because I heard remarks in Parliament like One Zambia, One Region and that is worrying. It is a political statement, One Zambia, One Region or One Zambia, One Nation. If we see what is going on, we are worried. Seriously speaking, I think they should do more about the One Zambia, One Nation motto to ensure that it is seen in the practical implementation of policy making decisions and also positioning of people.”

With due respect Sir, it is hypocritical of you to talk about tribal balancing now when you neglected to do so 7 years you were in power! Your very stay in State House was tainted with crass tribalism and regionalism!

You are the same person that saw nothing wrong with your senior government officials issuing derogatory remarks against other ethnic groups. Did you ever censure your running-mate Nkandu Luo, and other ministers were speaking ill of a certain tribe? Who sponsored Chishimba Kambwili to fly around the country during the last campaigns to demonize the same ethnic group? Wasn’t it you or your cohorts?

In case you’ve forgotten Sir, you are the same person who as Home Affairs Minister wanted me charged for TREASON in 2012 or there about when I authored an article titled “SATA’S FAMILY FOREST EXPLAINED.” The article went to greater lengths detailing how the PF government went out of the way to appoint Cabinet ministers and senior government officials from one particular region at the expense of others. Clearly, this didn’t sit well with you since you are the apostle of tribalism, and hence you wanted me condemned to hell!

As encouraged by President Hichilema when swearing in his officials; I have taken time to scrutinize his cabinet and of course compared it with yours…… stinks of utter tribalism and regionalism! You had completely ignored people from some certain parts of the country simply because they didn’t vote for you. What sort of father of the nation were you?

I am now listing the two examples hereunder so that citizens can make their own judgments: President Edgar Lungu’s cabinet NB: Due to the similarity of names in the northern parts of our country, I’ve have combined Northern, Luapula and Muchinga to make easy for our people to understand.

Cabinet positions in this cabinet were distributed as follows: Northern regions – 17, Southern – 1, Northwestern – 2, Western – 2, Copperbelt – 1, Central – 1, Eastern – 6, Lusaka – 0.

This cabinet was dominated by people from two particular regions – Northern and Eastern, what unity did you strive to demonstrate as espoused in our motto: One Zambia, One nation? This is a national scandal and must never be allowed to recur!

President Hakainde Hichilema’s cabinet NB: In this cabinet, positions are allocated as follows: Northern regions – 8, Southern – 5, Northwestern – 3, Western – 3, Copperbelt – 1, Central – 3, Eastern – 1, Lusaka – 2.

You may conclude from this list that Bally has bent over backwards to ensure that his cabinet represents a national character as per promise during the elections. All the provinces are represented……this is how it should be! You must apologize for the various crimes you committed whilst in office.


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