PF condemns Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

PF condemns Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan
PF condemns Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

Africa-Press – Zambia. Opposition PF Acting Secretary General Nickson Chilangwa says US Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent visit to Taiwan is offensive and unacceptable. Mr Chilangwa said the provocative trip must be condemned by countries and people around the world.

He said in an interview that the US government must not be allowed to bully the whole world. “We have always believed in the One China policy. The visit by Pelosi is an act of provocation on the Chinese government and its people and is totally unacceptable,” Mr. Chilangwa said.

“This pomposity by the US to be provoking everyone is totally unacceptable,” he added.

U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taiwan last Tuesday on a trip she said shows an unwavering American commitment to the Chinese-claimed self-ruled island, but China condemned the highest-level U.S. visit in 25 years as a threat to peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

Pelosi and the rest of her delegation disembarked from a U.S. Air Force transport plane at Songshan Airport in downtown Taipei after the nighttime landing on a flight from Malaysia to begin a visit that risks pushing U.S.-Chinese relations to a new low.

They were greeted by Taiwan’s foreign minister, Joseph Wu, and Sandra Oudkirk, the top U.S. representative in Taiwan. Pelosi, second in the line of succession to the U.S. presidency, is a long-time China critic.

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