President Lungu will win 2021 polls – North West PF

President Lungu will win 2021 polls – North West PF
President Lungu will win 2021 polls – North West PF

Africa-PressZambia. North Western Patriotic Front (PF) Acting Provincial Chairperson, Koshita Sheng’amo says President Edgar Lungu will win in the 2021 general elections.

Mr. Sheng’amo told ZANIS in an interview in Solwezi today that the primary focus for the party in the province is to sell the candidature of President Lungu and ensuring that he wins the 2021 general elections.

He called for unity among the PF membership in the province, saying unity and discipline is paramount for the party to deliver for President Lungu in 2021 elections.

“We must stand united…observe discipline and we must all know that we have to sell the President first. President Edgar Lungu must win…that should be the primary focus of every party member and official”, Mr Sheng’amo said.

He said the party has resolved that members should go on the ground to sell themselves for those who want to stand as Members of Parliament and councillors.

Mr. Sheng’amo, however, emphasized that those selling themselves should conduct themselves in a civil manner and not to malign others.

“But what I can emphasize is that I want this exercise to be conducted in an orderly manner…when people move on the ground, they meet the structures even help the structures organize the party and they conduct themselves in a civil manner. People should not malign others….carry out smear campaigns, no”, he said.

Mr. Sheng’amo said the mood in the province has changed as people want to work with the ruling party as they are fatigued by the same opposition politics over the last 20 years.

He said the onus is now on them as a party to get down on the ground, motivate the people so that they move together with them.

“Yes we are going to deliver by winning at least a good number of parliamentary seats, even council chairpersons…yes we shall be able to do better than 2016”, Mr Sheng’amo said.

He has since called on the general membership to ensure that all the wards are reorganized and put new people in positions where some members resigned or died.


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