Remain non-partisan, ZNS officers cautioned

Remain non-partisan, ZNS officers cautioned
Remain non-partisan, ZNS officers cautioned

Africa-PressZambia. Zambia National Service Commandant Nathan Mulenga has called on officers to remain non-partisan and loyal to the government of the day.

Lieutenant General Mulenga has cautioned officers not to involve themselves in active politics in their line of duty, as the country heads to the polls and beyond.

Lt Gen Mulenga explained that officers in all the units should not be lured by any politician to engage in any activity of political nature.

He made the remarks today at Mumbezhi ZNS unit in Kalumbila district in North-western Province.

The ZNS commandant who is in North-western Province on his routine visits to all the units, pointed out that any officer who will be involved in politics will be disciplined.

“In the next few months we will be having general elections. I urge you all to refrain from politics and leave the politics to politicians, remain loyal and dedicated to serving the government of the day,” the Commandant stressed.

And Lt Gen Mulenga hailed the Mumbezhi ZNS unit for being united and dedicated to duty.

He pointed out that the works that the women club at the unit is executing goes to show how much committed the officers are.

The Commandant who toured crop fields, goat kraal and the health centre, all managed by Mumbezhi ZNS unit, expressed satisfaction with the development.

Upon arrival in Kalumbila district this morning, the ZNS commandant paid a courtesy call on Kalumbila District Commissioner Robinson Kalota who was thrilled with the first ever visit by the ZNS commandant since the establishment of the district in 2015.

Mr Kalota underscored that the investments in the district are safe, owing to the presence of the Zambia National Service unit.

He said the men and women in uniform are working hand in hand with the district administration to spur both social and economic development.

The District Commissioner stated that both Kalumbila and Lumwana mines are adding value to the development of the district.

“Commandant, we are very excited with your visit being the first ever to come here since we became a district in 2015. We have development progress here in Kalumbila such as the civic centre that has reached 80 percent completion and ZNS is working closely with the district administration,” he emphasized.


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