Shooting incidence at Kasenseli gold mine saddening

Shooting incidence at Kasenseli gold mine saddening
Shooting incidence at Kasenseli gold mine saddening

Africa-PressZambia. Mwinilunga Town Council Chairperson, Jonathan Chinyimba has bemoaned the shooting incidents that took place today at Kasenseli gold mine in Mwinilunga district between the residents and the state police.

Mr Chinyimba who described the ongoing mining operations at Kasenseli as illegal, called for an immediate end to the life threatening clashes and shooting of innocent youths at the mine.

North-western Province Deputy Commissioner of Police, Fred Mulenga confirmed an incident where an unarmed man was in the early hours of today shot at with a rubber bullet. Mr Mulenga added that the incident happened when the victim was in a group of others and allegedly wanted to force their way into the mine area.

Mr Chinyimba has since called on President Hakainde Hichilema to quickly engage an investor who will translate the benefits of the mine to the community through job creation before a lot of lives are lost.

‘’Mr President kindly take this issue seriously and open this mine so that people of Mwinilunga are empowered,” he said.

The civic leader expressed worry that any delay to engage a serious investor at the mine will see continued clashes between the state Police and residents who go to the mine to earn a living.

Mr Chinyimba noted that residents of Kasenseli will continue mining because of high poverty levels in the area, provided there will not be any investor engaged to create employment for the local people.


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