State enters a nolle in a case involving Chief Mukuni’s wife

State enters a nolle in a case involving Chief Mukuni’s wife
State enters a nolle in a case involving Chief Mukuni’s wife

Africa-PressZambia. The State has entered a Nolle Pro’sequi in a matter in which Wife of Chief Mukuni and four others were accused of abduction with intent to confine. This came to light when the matter came up for commencement of trial at the Choma Magistrate court, today.

Senior Public Prosecutor Alex Syulikwa told the Court that the Director of Public Prosecution ( D.P.P ) has directed that the case be discontinued. But the defense, through Marshall Muchende of Messer M Associates , stated that the Nolle Pro’sequi has not amused the accused and would have expected a better outcome.

“It is not something to be excited about. We would have expected better, either total discontinuous or withdrawal as opposed to a Nolle Pro’sequi.” Mr Muchende said.

Noting that the accused respect the decision by the D.P.P as it cannot be questioned, Mr Muchende further stated that the defense will wait for instructions from the accused, on the way forward.

And Choma resident Magistrate Ethel Phiri discharged the case stating that it is in accordance with Section 81 (1) of the Criminal Proceedings Act, chapter 88 of the laws of Zambia. The accused, Veronica Mukuni, 46 of Mukuni village in Livingstone, Javen Simoloka, 45 and Mayor for Choma, Vincent Lilanda, 49.

Others are Ackson Sejani, 63, a peasant farmer and former government minister and Fines Malambo, 46, a businessman of Choma all who collectively faced two counts of abduction with intent to confine.

In the first count, the suspects were accused of abducting Feluna Hatembo and in the second count they are accused of abducting Milton Hatembo with intent to cause them to be secretly and wrongfully confined.


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