Stay in your lane, Ministers urged

Stay in your lane, Ministers urged
Stay in your lane, Ministers urged

Africa-PressZambia. President Hakainde Hichilema has urged both cabinet and provincial ministers to work towards the realisation of the planned developmental goals, for the good of the people.

The Head of State said he will not hesitate to make necessary administrative changes for the new administration to remain on course and achieve its objectives should there be any inefficiencies in the running of public affairs.

President Hichilema noted that the Zambian people have given the new administration the mandate to deliver on their expectations which must be met with hard work, determination and commitment.

The President was speaking in Lusaka today when he officially opened an induction meeting for cabinet and provincial ministers at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre.

“This induction programme will therefore lay the foundation for enhancing your performance in public office. The induction will also strengthen our collective responsibility and accountability in the management of public resources for improved service delivery,” the President stated.

President Hichilema further noted that as the highest policy making organ in the country, cabinet operates on the principles of collective responsibility, confidentiality and declaration of interest. He said therefore that as the new dawn administration, it is bound by the policies, decisions and programmes that will be made collectively.

“It is imperative that as people charged with the responsibility for policy and strategic direction of the various sectors, you ensure that policies are coherent and consistent with the overall government policy,” he advised.

President Hichilema further urged the ministers to provide the necessary leadership to ensure productive work relationships with permanent secretaries and officials in their respective ministries and provinces.

He also advised the law makers against taking up administrative functions such as human resource matters, procurement and finance as that would be going beyond their mandate.

“As policy makers keep in your lane in providing policy direction and ensure that the policies of the new dawn administration are comprehensively implemented. I have informed the nation that our administration will strictly follow the rule of law and this should be our way in discharging our duties in these public offices,” President Hichilema stressed.

The Head of State said he is convinced that at the end of the induction meeting, the ministers will have better understanding of how government business is conducted.

“I, therefore, expect all of you ministers, going forward, to strictly adhere to the laid down procedures, processes and practices that the presenters will share with you,’ he indicated.

And Secretary to Cabinet Simon Miti said the main objective of the induction meeting is to among other things accord the ministers a chance to fully understand government’s procedures, processes and practices.

Dr. Miti added that the induction will also help enhance the effectiveness of ministers as they are charged with the responsibility of providing policy and strategic direction in their respective ministries and provinces.

“This induction will further help the new ministers to dos and don’ts in public services and also enable them to settle as they take up their new roles,” he noted.

Meanwhile, in his vote of thanks, Minister of Home Affairs Jack Mwiimbu noted that the vision and intentions of President Hichilema for the people of Zambia can only be fulfilled if all the new administration adhere to his instructions. Mr. Mwiimbu pledged the minister’s commitment of hard work as they take up their new roles to ensuring that people’s lives are uplifted.

“The instructions you have given us are cardinal. As a new administration, we pledge to work and ensure that the welfare of the people and the country at large is improved upon. This induction will enable us to ensure that we do not transgress as we relate to your officers and members of the public,” he said.


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