The dictatorship mind of President Hichilema – Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

The dictatorship mind of President Hichilema – Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba
The dictatorship mind of President Hichilema – Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

Africa-Press – Zambia. In this audio, Mafinga MP, Robert Chabinga gives us insights about President Hakainde Hichilema’s security detail that involves foreign, cadres, parallel and local official security elements.

It might appear to be mere rumblings of a politician, but is a window to the tyranical atmosphere existing.

Chabinga reveals how Hichilema’s daily trek to Community House is secured and how he has purged officers at State House to incorporate his own local and foreign elements.

Concepts of Security and Insecurity

Dictators emphasise on a combination of power and legal elements with the predominance of the former, institutional and personal factors of public security with the priority of the former.

Instruments of psychological pressure, intimidation to keep the people in line, military force and diplomacy to prevent internal and external threats.

With power concentrated in one’s family faction or region, a dictator sees enemies and dissent manifesting itself everywhere, bringing to the fore conspiracies of insecurity.

It forces him to appoint only his kith and kin in all key position to the detriment of the Constitution, inclusiveness and fairness.

He sees plots against his temporal hold on power everywhere and reacts with tyrannical hold on power; reacting to dissent with brutality, resorting to every situation with oppression and repression, suspicious of any public gathering other than the one he has put together.

Such a leader may not give up power even if he loses elections!

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