The Fall And Rise Of Shapa Wakung’uma

The Fall And Rise Of Shapa Wakung’uma
The Fall And Rise Of Shapa Wakung’uma

Africa-PressZambia. THE FALL AND RISE OF SHAPA WAKUNG’UMA By Stanley Mudenda In humility, he bore the injustice wickedly bestowed upon him by a criminal gang with state power. They had wanted him to stand aside and watch their thugs cause mayhem on the soils of his ancestry. They had wanted him to disown his oath of duty, the solemn promise to uphold law and order, justly and firmly. He resisted them, and he, like many, was retired young in what they called national interest. PF interest.

They didn’t care that he was a family man, they didn’t care that he was a national hero, just like that, they sent the Judo guru packing because he did not fit in their myopic political master plan of tribal dominion and exclusion. Shapa could not conform to their soiled and sordid disdain for sanity, he left.

There is no pain more throbbing and piecing than the pain of betrayal, Zambia Police had let down their fervent and faithful commander. Kouchi-Gari. The Olympic judo champion was down.

Quietly, he gathered himself and calmly went back to his dojo -there he let the embers of his rage burn into ashes of ceaseless judo practice. He kept himself in shape, not giving in to the temptation of drowning himself in alcohol. Deep down his heart, he knew, the day of his glory was coming, and his tormenters would salute him someday.

Nothing lasts forever, so they say. Unbeknownst to many, Shapa’s loyalty to duty, and patriotism had caught the eye of Bally and melted his heart. He had promised, such a gallant soldier could not be trashed and dishonoured like that. President Bally took Shapa back nor sooner than he won the election.

Aide De Camp! Aide De Camp is an enviable position in the defence and security circles, especially if your boss is the President of a Country. Shapa is back and his rise has just started. Source: Crown TV


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