UPND and PF are like IDENTICAL twins- Hon. Given Katuta

UPND and PF are like IDENTICAL twins- Hon. Given Katuta
UPND and PF are like IDENTICAL twins- Hon. Given Katuta

Africa-Press – Zambia. These two political parties behave like two women who are in polygamous marriage seeking for best attention from their husband. It’s so annoying that each time I read tabloids or listen to news, it’s either PF this…! UPND that…! Nothing progressive at all.

Zambians deserve better than this circus they have been subjected to. Don’t forget that you are Zambians and being in these positions your duty is to provide which way this country should go in terms of development and what the future holds for our children’s children.

My genuine advice to the ruling Party the UPND is; just focus on Service delivery and direct your efforts on more productive actions that will yield the expected results by your Stakeholders thus the citizenry of this great nation.

UPND be the total opposite of the immediate past regime that’s what people of Zambia voted for on the 12th August 2021. Whereas for the main Opposition Party thus PF help Zambians to do proper CHECKS AND BALANCES on the Executive by holding them accountable for failure to Deliver or upholding and defending of our Constitution.

PF be also the total opposite of UPND when they were in opposition. We need to see real change. In a nutshell LESS SQUABBLES but more DEVELOPMENTAL debates or discussions. You need to understand that development of our country and improving the WELFARE of Zambians are your priorities.

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