UPND has taken us back – Saboi

UPND has taken us back – Saboi
UPND has taken us back – Saboi

Africa-PressZambia. UPND has taken us back – Saboi I remember how we fought so hard as women and organisations to have a stand alone Ministry of Gender in Zambia and today it is no more. May UPND PLEASE rethink its decision over this.

We celebrated these great milestones in the gender agenda and u have taken us many years back. With only about 20 women in Parliament and a shocking 4 women Cabinet ministers in 2021, we needed the Ministry of Gender now more than ever before. The Commerce and SME ministries can be merged then let the Gender ministry come back.

This is very very sad and unbelievable. U have shocked even me who always criticises your lack of pro women policies as a party. But never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that u would go so far as scrap off the entire Ministry of Gender. Don’t prove some of us right that u don’t have a clear vision and plan for women, please prove me wrong on this one… Already the Ministry of Gender was so underfunded so how are women issues going to be prioritised without a Ministry to speak for us…. Reverse this decision LWAKUPA….


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