Wake Up Bally: Why is Remmy Kajoba Silent on Mary Chirwa’s Obscene Material

Wake Up Bally: Why is Remmy Kajoba Silent on Mary Chirwa’s Obscene Material
Wake Up Bally: Why is Remmy Kajoba Silent on Mary Chirwa’s Obscene Material

Africa-Press – Zambia. Anthony Bwalya’s assuring words that “President Hichilema will not spend time to act on Ms. Chirwa’s nude videos because he is busy focusing on job creation” made my day. Bally’s intelligence and morals continue to shame his opponents. The President is not a pope, who should be addressing what adults choose to throw on social media. Like the President, our uncompromised DEC Director’s fight against corruption has no bearing on her pornographic material. Thanks again Mr. President–your judgment speaks to your unmatched integrity. Gotcha politics won’t distract our agenda–creation of jobs without morality is the way to go.

Bitter PF losers have sunk too low. Who on earth would celebrate the indignity of pornographic material linked to DEC Director? What she does with her body is none of your business–sex is a private matter unless it involves carnal knowledge against nature. I mean homosexuality or gayism! Aren’t we a Christian nation? And who doesn’t know that Bally wholeheartedly loves, trusts and supports Madam Chirwa. So how could he watch her pornographic material to make his own judgment? It is akin to watching obscene material from one’s own parents.

Misogyny is an established norm in politics–women are held to higher standards than their male counterparts. Pastors and politicians have had sexual scandals, and remain in office. Madam Chirwa is not a politician, a pastor nor a nun. She leads the Commission that demands integrity, I fully agree. But this issue is not about morality or integrity–it is about job creation and corruption. Didn’t Bally tell us that a clique has started fighting back? I am afraid that the click of tribalists, thieves and hegemonists have more videos to come. I won’t be surprised if Bally is the next target. But who cares? Sex is a private matter and Bally must stay away from it.

I opposed former Religious Minister Rev. Godfridah Sumaili’s crusade of forcing Christian values on the secular state. Now she is back calling on our beloved President to fire Madam Chirwa. Well, Rev. Sumaili fought so hard for Christian morals. Aside from fighting sex toys and “gayism,” she never fought against corruption. Why? The PF had no values when it came to stealing. Could it be that Madam Chirwa’s next catch is the Reverend herself?

I understand those calling it a scandal. I am saddened that our President is not calling for the investigation of the source of this material? Is this not cyber bullying, which is a crime in our Christian nation? But nonetheless I applaud President Hichilema’s refusal to address this fake scandal. We are in power and not in opposition. Our duty is to catch corrupt PF officials and not preach morality.

Fred M’membe’s wisdom that “seeking morality, [and] justice… without compassion is cruelty” is foolishness. There is no compassion when it comes to PF thugs. No wonder he supports gayism; the immoral act that Bally disavows. Regardless, does he know the source of this material? The police must investigate M’membe. Might he be the source? And where is Mr. Kajoba?

I am highly disappointed with the Inspector General of Police, Mr.Kajoba. Seriously he doesn’t deserve our President’s trust. When KBN Journalist Petty Chanda exposed the leaked audio between State House Aide Levy Ngoma and Home Affairs Permanent Secretary Joseph Akafumba, Kajoba did a great job. She was arrested. Didn’t Kajoba arrest attention seeker, Chilufya Tayali for claiming to have correspondence from the military? All these on the Cyber law of our saintly nation. So why is he silent on this obscene video? Doesn’t he know that the New Dawn administration is infected with PF cadres who must be locked up? Is he the source, or equally compromised by similar videos? It is hard to tell the mole from a rat in darkness. So our President must wake up before Kajoba finishes him.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter! Madam Chirwa has exceptional and unquestionable integrity. Nobody knows this truth better than Bally. It is one thing if the video involved homosexuality, or Iris Kaingu–the woman so proud to show off her nakedness. Wasn’t she recently arrested and charged for the crime of indecency? But this is about the DEC Director, for God’s sake. I am afraid that our President may be forced to fire her. But this is highly dangerous. Who knows other obscene videos involving the New Dawn administration or the Bally himself out there? More than anyone else, Bally believes that lies, credibility, morality and decency are the engine of the New Dawn machinery. PF cadres, please seleniko tubombeko ba mambala!

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