We need to start voicing out on wrongs being committed by UPND – Binwell Mpundu

We need to start voicing out on wrongs being committed by UPND – Binwell Mpundu
We need to start voicing out on wrongs being committed by UPND – Binwell Mpundu

Africa-Press – Zambia. NKANA Independent member of parliament Binwell Mpundu has called on Zambians to start voicing out on the wrongs being committed as UPND will one day do the worst they will regret.

He charged that the UPND has appointed cadres to head the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

“Dear Zambians, a lot of you have continued being silent while a number of you have continued praising the UPND over the wrongs they are committing. When those in leadership start commiting wrongs and citizens remain silent, one day they will do worse things and you will wish you had stood up when wrongs were being committed. Are you not aware that UPND appointed cadres to head the ECZ and in the end ECZ have been misbehaving to an extent of stopping citizens like hon [Joe] Malanji and hon Bowman [Lusambo] from contesting elections despite the Constitutional Court declaring that they were eligible? You all kept quiet while others praised them…” he said.

“During the mayoral elections in Kabwe, Kitwe and Ndola you are all aware of how the police misbehaved by going to arrest councillors and mayor just to make sure the deputy mayoral elections were won by the rulling party…You have all kept quiet while some of you are clapping… Two very professional women were unceremoniously removed from the office of DPP (Director of Public Prosecutions, Lillian Siyunyi) and Registrar of Society [Thandiwe Mhende] and you have kept quiet to date while some of you have been singing praises.”

Mpundu said parliament has been reduced to a circus.

“Parliament has now been reduced to a circus to an extent that the guiding rules of parliament are being changed by one person to give themselves all the powers they need. Illegally changing the leaders of opposition and supported by the state as if they were changing underwear! MPs are being suspended for the simplest of issues. MPs are even stopped from laughing, they are shutdown from debating but we are all silent while some of you are clapping for them,” he said. “The Ministry of Information through IBA is about to amend the IBA Act to gag people from communicating on social media and we are all silent while some are busy praising. A lot of people are being victimised (losing their jobs) in government institutions on account of tribe and on account of being unfairly labelled sympathisers of other political groups. Police officers employed before UPND came into power are about to be retired as announced by government and we are all silent while some of you are clapping.”

Mpundu said Zambians should start voicing out the wrongs adding that the face of caderism is slowly manifesting.

“The ugly face of cadres is slowly manifesting and a number of incidences recorded of serious atrocities being committed by the ‘holy’ cadres and you are all silent while some of you are singing praise. Citizens have started running away from their own country for fear if being imprisoned. Kaizer [Zulu] is gone. Chilufya Tayali is also now gone and many more have run away from their own country. Those who are clapping wait and see what will start happening. Martin Luther King once said ‘Our lives begin to end the moment we remain silent about things that matters’. Here we are as a Zambian people, we have chosen to keep quiet when all these wrongs are being committed forgetting that the trend is growing,” said Mpundu. “Your silence will make those in power one day to do things that will shock you. Zambians have never been known to be this coward, to fail to speak when wrongs are being committed unless what I have stated above you don’t see any wrongs at all. My appeal to you all is that we need to start voicing out on all the wrongs being committed otherwise the UPND will one day do the worst thing and we will regret being this silent.”

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