Armed Robbers Seize Service Station, Sell Fuel For 3 Hours

Armed Robbers Seize Service Station, Sell Fuel For 3 Hours
Armed Robbers Seize Service Station, Sell Fuel For 3 Hours

Africa-PressZimbabwe. Daring armed robbers on Monday raided two service stations in Bulawayo, tied attendants’ hands before getting away with cash.

In the first incident which occurred on Monday at around 1.30 AM, four men armed with a pistol raided Trek Garage in Gwabalanda and got away with more than US$15 000 and R800 after attacking the fuel attendant and security guard.

Deputy police spokesperson for Bulawayo Assistant Nomalanga Msebele confirmed the incident. She said the petrol attendant, Herbert Mupezani (65) and a security guard, Muyambi Muimba (29) were on duty when four men armed with a pistol and an iron bar pounced on Trek Garage. She said:

One of the suspects smashed the front and rear windscreens of Mr Mupezani’s car, which was parked near the offices where he was relaxing. The sound of the smashing of the glasses alerted Mr Muimba who then rushed to the scene.

The other two suspects tied the security guard and Mupezani’s hands behind their backs and force-marched them into the office where they ordered them to lie on the floor. Ass Insp Msebele added:

The other three suspects used the iron bar to open the supervisor’s office where the safe was kept. They blasted the safe using dynamite and opened it before they took US$15 395 and R800.

After committing the offence, the quartet fled leaving the two victims tied and lying on the floor.

In the second incident, three men armed with pistols raided Amakhosi Service Station along the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls Road at around 11 PM. A source told Chronicle:

Three men armed with pistols arrived at Amakhosi Service Station and pointed the firearms at the security guard and ordered him to comply with their instructions.

They force-marched him into the garage storeroom where there were two attendants.

They demanded that the attendant unlocks the pump and he complied before they started fueling customers’ vehicles while collecting the money.

They then ordered one of the attendants to lead them to the safe. They broke the door to the safe but failed to open it.

They disconnected the CCTV and took the digital video recorder. They demanded cash and went away with US$ 1 600.

Amakhosi Service Station manager Brian Zvikona, said while he had details on the robbery, he was not comfortable sharing them with the media while Insp Msebele confirmed the incident but said she was yet to receive detailed information.


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