Govt Slashes Civil Servants’ Salaries

Govt Slashes Civil Servants' Salaries
Govt Slashes Civil Servants' Salaries

Africa-Press – Zimbabwe. Teachers claim that the government is provoking a confrontation with its employees by slashing civil servants’ May salaries.

According to reports, teachers and other government workers experienced a substantial reduction in earnings this month compared to April.

As an example, individuals who received approximately ZiG2,000 in April now receive around ZiG1,600 this month, and this decrease is unrelated to deductions by medical aid providers or funeral services.

The Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) issued a warning that teachers are upset about this situation and intend to take action. ARTUZ said:

Civil servants are angry! The regime has slashed the already circumcised incomes of Civil Servants. They think we are now weak and demobilised. Soon they will know that they only co-opted the elites, and the base is agitated. We have instructions from the Civil Service to act! We will oblige!

n Monday, 13 May, launched a week-long campaign dubbed #MyFairWage which seeks to justify teachers’ demand for US$1 260 salaries.

The union stated this week (May 13-19) that the focal point of their campaign is the request for US$180 comprehensive healthcare insurance, as part of the overall basket of a US$1,260 monthly income.

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