Mupanduki Granted ZW$5 000 Bail

Mupanduki Granted ZW$5 000 Bail
Mupanduki Granted ZW$5 000 Bail

Africa-Press – Zimbabwe. MDC Alliance activist, John Mupanduki, who was allegedly abducted, tortured and dumped in Bikita a week ago, was arrested charged with communicating statements prejudicial to the State.

Mupanduki was on Thursday granted ZW$5 000 by the Masvingo Magistrate Court. He was ordered to report every Friday at Bikita Police. The MDC Alliance said in a statement:

We condemn his arrest [and] persecution. Those who abducted him on 7 Jan have not been brought to book. [The Zimbabwe Republic Republic Police] has not investigated his report.

Mupanduki was allegedly abducted by unknown assailants around 2 AM at Nyika Growth point early this month.

According to the MDC Alliance, Mupanduki’s abductors were driving an unmarked car. He was reportedly found the following day badly tortured and disoriented.

Mupanduki later made an official report at Bikita Police Station Law and Order after making an initial report at Nyika Police Base.

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