2024 Census: Huambo completes update of the cartographic network

2024 Census: Huambo completes update of the cartographic network
2024 Census: Huambo completes update of the cartographic network

Africa-Press – Angola. The process of updating the cartographic network of the province of Huambo, as part of the preparation of the 2024 General Population and Housing Census, has been completed.

The information was provided, this Friday, by the director of the local National Statistics Institute (INE), Rúben Gomes, during the first Ordinary meeting of the Provincial Commission to Support the carrying out of the 2024 Census, guided by the vice-governor for Services Technicians and Infrastructures, Elmano Francisco.

The official said that eight thousand 578 census sections had been registered in all municipalities in the province of Huambo.

Rúben Gomes explained that it was a process that ended on the 12th of this month, in which each census section corresponds to between 80 and 120 housing clusters, grouped and registered in the locations of the 11 municipalities.

He informed that the cartographic update work involved 53 census agents, in addition to the Angolan Armed Forces’ aerial means used, taking into account the difficult access in some locations.

He assured that to collect data from the 2024 General Population and Housing Census in the province of Huambo, seven thousand 579 field agents should be recruited to cover the eight thousand 578 census sections identified in the 11 municipalities.

Rúben Gomes added that, in addition, technical assistants will be recruited, namely two provincial, 11 municipal, 37 communal and 688 local, to train field agents for the process.

He said this is a challenge that, from a human resources point of view, requires a cohesive and technical structure at a local level, as the 2024 Census will be completely digital.

For his part, the vice-governor for Technical Services and Infrastructures of the province of Huambo, Elmano Francisco, called for the concerted work of the members of the commission to ensure the success of the process, which will allow the number of local inhabitants to be identified.

The Support Committee for the 2024 Census is coordinated by the governor of the province of Huambo, Lotti Nolika, supported by the vice-governors for Technical Services and Infrastructure and for the Political, Social and Economic sector, Elmano Francisco and Angelino Elavoco, respectively.

The group also includes INE, the Interior Delegation, the offices of Education, Social Communication, Health, Records and Administrative Modernization, Transport, Traffic and Urban Mobility, Infrastructures and Technical Services, Planning and Statistics, the Institute Geographic and Cadastral of Angola and municipal administrators.

Scheduled to begin on July 19th across the country, the General Population and Housing Census will be carried out under the motto “Together we count for Angola”

According to INE forecasts for 2024, the province of Huambo has an estimated population of two million, 830 thousand 415 inhabitants, distributed across the municipalities of Bailundo, Caála, Cachiungo, Chicala-Cholohanga, Chinjenje, Ecunha, Huambo, Londuimbali, Longonjo, Mungo and Ucuma.

The 2024 General Population and Housing Census will be the third in the country’s history, the first being carried out in 1970, five years before National Independence, proclaimed on November 11, 1975, while the second took place in 2014.

The General Population and Housing Census will allow us to know precisely the number of inhabitants in the country, how many men, women, children and elderly people, where they live and how they live.

With this information, the country will be able to better plan the distribution of essential services to all Angolans.


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