ADRA wants elegance in political speeches

ADRA wants elegance in political speeches
ADRA wants elegance in political speeches

Africa-Press – Angola. The program officer of the Angolan Institute of Electoral Systems and Democracy, Onésimo Seteculo, appealed, this Sunday, in Cacuaco, Luanda, to political actors to guide harmonious speeches during the campaign and post-election period, so that the country continues to live an environment of peace and stability.

Onésimo Seteculo, who was speaking at the opening of the training seminar on Monitoring Political Intolerance, promoted by the Action for Rural Development and Environment (ADRA), with the aim of contributing to a peaceful environment during political competition in the electoral campaign, underlined the need from the politicians

promote thoughtful speeches as a way to control tempers.

“Society is moving, in many aspects, towards an environment of intolerance, and, in our view, a country only prospers if its citizens are able to recognize the various entities that compete for the harmonization of society”, he argued.

According to Onésimo Seteculo, the electoral campaign has not yet started, taking into account the legal system that provides for the opening 30 days before the elections, but there is already intense political activity with the aim of motivating voters.

During this period, he mentioned that some politicians lacked dominance, making speeches with exaggerated emotion, even offending the electorate with the use of obscene and inappropriate words. “Democracy is a party, but it has rules that must be complied with by everyone, and politicians should be no exception”, stressed the official of the Angolan Institute of Electoral Systems.

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