Angola: Opposition wants president to intervene to end taxi drivers’ strike

Angola: Opposition wants president to intervene to end taxi drivers’ strike
Angola: Opposition wants president to intervene to end taxi drivers’ strike

Africa-Press – Angola. CASA-CE, the second largest opposition party, on Monday called on the country’s president to advise the authorities to end the taxi drivers’ strike that began in Luanda, “through fair negotiations”.

In a statement, the Broad Convergence for the Salvation of Angola – Electoral Coalition (CASA-CE) expressed its concern at the start of the strike by taxi drivers, contrary to information published by some media outlets.

In the document, CASA-CE stresses the harmful and immediate effects of the taxi drivers’ strike on the economy, companies and the lives of Angolans and their families.

“Mindful of the latent wave of dissatisfaction among the public, the CASA-CE presidential college strongly condemns the acts of vandalism today against public and private property, in Luanda, and patriotically urges Angolans to remain calm and face the chaotic situation of public mobility with a high sense of responsibility, avoiding any type of attitude that promotes violence, vandalism and the resulting disturbance to public order,” CASA-CE said.

The country’s third political force expressed its “total solidarity” with the striking taxi drivers, as well as with the overwhelming majority of Angolans, directly and indirectly affected by the difficult situation of public mobility in Luanda, in a time of pandemic.

Roads were cut off, bus stops were crowded and acts of vandalism and destruction this morning marked the first hours of the strike by taxi drivers, called by three associations, in Luanda.

The strike was called by the New Alliance of Angolan Taxi Drivers Association (ANATA), the Association of Angolan Taxi Drivers and the Luanda Taxi Drivers Association and extends to nine provinces of the country.

The taxi drivers are complaining of overzealous police officers and the poor condition of the roads and are demanding the professionalisation of the activity and formalisation of the announcement of the return to 100% capacity for public transport, made last Friday by the Minister of State and head of the Military House of the President of the Republic, Francisco Furtado.

In Angola, the great shortage of public transport is covered mostly by this fringe of private minibus taxi drivers who take an average of 15 passengers, in a job that serves to support the families of the owners of the vehicles, drivers, collectors, car washers and suppliers of snacks.

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