Angola reaffirms the importance of bilateral relations with Brazil

Angola reaffirms the importance of bilateral relations with Brazil
Angola reaffirms the importance of bilateral relations with Brazil

Africa-Press – Angola. The Angolan Government reaffirmed the importance of historical relations with the Federative Republic of Brazil, which is expected to become increasingly stronger, especially with the inauguration of Lula da Silva, according to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Téte Antonio.

In Brasília, since the early hours of friday, Téte António recalled the historical relations and the various stages of development of bilateral cooperation, including the signing of a strategic partnership between the two countries.

“The President is coming to participate in Lula da Silva’s inauguration, and we know what the relationship between Angola and Brazil was like during President Lula’s time”, he said.

In his view, Lula da Silva’s first term was in a period in which the relationship between the two countries was most comprehensive in terms of cooperation, auguring that this trend will continue.

Speaking to the Angolan press in Brasília for coverage of Lula da Silva’s inauguration ceremony, the head of Angolan diplomacy also considered that the relationship between Angola and Brazil is no longer just political, but an established relationship between the two peoples.

Téte António highlighted areas in the field of cooperation, looking at the paradigm shift in both countries.

New deals on sight

According to minister Téte António, Angola has already identified new cooperation agreements with Brazil.

Without going into detail, he highlighted the Memorandum of Understanding, to be signed, linked to the area of ​​financing for the Agriculture and Industry sectors, within the framework of the diversification of the Angolan economy.

“There is a change on our side that should also be reflected in the cooperation with our strategic partners, as is the case of Brazil”, he defended, looking at the position that this country occupies in terms of economic growth in the world.

In terms of the American continent, it is the third economy, after the United States of America (USA) and Canada, and the ninth economy in the world, potential that Angola wants to continue to take advantage of for the growth of its economy.

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