Angola shows gastronomy and culture in Nicaragua

Angola shows gastronomy and culture in Nicaragua
Angola shows gastronomy and culture in Nicaragua

Africa-Press – Angola. Angola shared, this weekend, in Managua, capital of Nicaragua, gastronomy and culture during the tenth edition of the Gastronomic Festival and Christmas Traditions that has been celebrated for ten years in the Nicaraguan capital with representatives from several states.

The event, which attracted 39 countries from all corners of the planet, represents a multicultural celebration that celebrates diversity through food, crafts and other cultural aspects.

In a very vibrant setting, the flavors of the world merged in a culinary dance that enchanted the taste buds of the participants.

The Embassy of Angola showed those present a little about the tradition that has to do with the way Christmas is celebrated in Angola, namely the most emblematic typical dishes, variations of Angolan pastries, highlighting the authenticity of their ingredients.

Visitors had the opportunity to explore various options alongside the most traditional Angolan drinks such as beers, soft drinks and spirits, creating a visual and gustatory feast that exceeded diners’ expectations.

The event, which according to the organizers, strengthens the bonds of fraternity, solidarity and fraternity between people, featured for the first time a fashion show featuring typical costumes from different countries.

Angola was represented with the Bessanganas, a traditional costume made with colorful fabrics worn by women from Cabo Island or Luanda Island.

Located between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Nicaragua is a Central American country known for its impressive landscapes, which include lakes, volcanoes and beaches.

According to some indicators, it is currently considered one of the most stable and safe countries in the region and one of the most important economies in Central America.

Fundamentally agricultural, the country’s main export products are coffee, sugar, tobacco, beef and precious metals.

Diplomatic relations with Angola were formally established on September 6, 1997.

The First Ambassador of Nicaragua to Angola was recently accredited.

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