Baynes Dam will generate more than 800 megawatts of energy

Baynes Dam will generate more than 800 megawatts of energy
Baynes Dam will generate more than 800 megawatts of energy

Africa-Press – Angola. The future hydroelectric dam, to be built in the Cunene river basin, will generate 860 megawatts of installed energy power, said the project coordinator, Manuel Catumbela.

Speaking at the end of the visit by the Minister of Public Works, Urbanism and Housing, Carlos Alberto dos Santos, to the section that will connect the future Baynes Dam, the project coordinator said it was in the study update phase, and, subsequently , below are the evaluation models for the start-up scheduled for 2024.

Manuel Catumbela said that the multisectoral visit to the section, which will connect Moçâmedes to the Baynes dam, in the municipality of Tômbwa, on a route of around 300 kilometers, aimed to evaluate, on site, the technical issues so that construction can be carried out secure energy infrastructure.

“With this entire section intervened, in terms of road, we will be able to easily transport all the equipment for the construction of the Baynes dam, which will arrive via Porto do Namibe, to the mouth of the Cunene river and allow the work, in at the appropriate time, they run smoothly”, he said.

According to the official, the project, in addition to producing electricity for Angola and Namibia, will also create jobs.

Manuel Catumbela highlighted that the project includes a 200-meter compacted concrete dam, with an installed capacity to produce 860 megawatts, generated from four generator sets of 215 megawatts each.

To overcome the peak regime, that is, Baynes’ operating regime, according to the coordinator’s explanation, the construction of a second dam will be planned, to carry out the flow discharges, which will be observed during peak hours. “These discharges will have a negative environmental impact and for this purpose the regularization dam was designed, which will serve to mitigate these loads”, he reinforced.

A power plant with three six-megawatt units will also be installed in this regularization dam, making a total of 18 megawatts, which will join the 860, thus totaling 876 megawatts of power for this Baynes dam, according to the person in charge.

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