CASA-CE leader promises to download the IRT

CASA-CE leader promises to download the IRT
CASA-CE leader promises to download the IRT

Africa-Press – Angola. The candidate for President of the Republic by CASA-CE promised, yesterday, in Luena, to lower the Labor Income Tax (IRT), if he wins the general elections on the 24th of this month.

The IRT is currently set at 14 percent, but Manuel Fernandes did not say how much he intends to lower, if he is the government.

Speaking at a mass political rally aimed at hundreds of people in the Kawango neighborhood, on the outskirts of the city of Luena, the candidate said that the middle class was impoverished by the high taxes that the Government has been applying. “I am proposing for a patriotic governance that attacks the cause and not the consequences. Nobody will solve the change in our country if there is not a strategy to look at other sectors of our country’s economy”, he said.

Manuel Fernandes who defended more attention to the citizen by those who govern. The CASA-CE leader considered that many promises made by the contestants to the elections on the 24th of this month were unrealizable, judging by the country’s economic situation. “Our first challenge as a government is to stabilize the economy, for the business class to offer more jobs with fair wages to our young people”, he promised.

The governance of CASA-CE, he said, will be based on programs that aim to promote the right to housing, employment and fair wages. When referring to honey as one of the main products of Moxico, he regretted that the province does not even have a factory for its processing. These types of resources, he considered, should provide more employment opportunities for youth.

Manuel Fernandes proposed a robust bankroll and a set of reforms to be implemented in the Education sector, with the introduction of national languages ​​in the teaching curriculum system. For this to happen, he asked for votes at number 5 on the bulletin that would guarantee victory in the election.

The CASA-CE candidate said he was concerned about the health of the people, as he underlined, despite the medical and drug assistance being free, the country’s hospital units lack qualified technicians and drugs. At the end, he highlighted the achievements of the Moxico province in the conquest of National Independence and peace, as well as the rich cultural identity of the people who live in this region.

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