CASA-CE president asks for conciliatory speeches

CASA-CE president asks for conciliatory speeches
CASA-CE president asks for conciliatory speeches

Africa-Press – Angola. The president of the Broad Convergence for the Salvation of Angola-Electoral Coalition (CASA-CE) defended, this Monday, in Luanda, the need for political leaders competing for the 24 August elections to be guided by a speech that conveys tranquility to the diplomatic corps, to attract more investment to the country.

Manuel Fernandes advanced these considerations to the media at the end of a meeting with the European Union (EU) ambassador to Angola, Jeannette Seppen, who was accompanied by experts from the European bloc, in the context of observing the electoral process and listening to the opinion of competing political forces.

The candidate for President of the Republic for the third largest political force informed that the objective of the EU representatives was to review issues surrounding the ongoing electoral process, as well as the vision and concerns of CASA-CE’s management on the course of the campaign, in order to improve their positioning as election observers.

“We exchanged ideas, provided all the clarifications that were requested and we believe that they left satisfied with what was transmitted to them. We take the opportunity to ask that, as experts from the European Union, they could effectively supervise the process, so that, in end, they can prepare a report consistent with the reality of the facts”, he explained.

During the meeting, Manuel Fernandes pointed out, as concerns some irregularities in compliance with the Law, with emphasis on the fact that some media outlets show disproportionality in the dissemination of content from competing parties, which he considers “a propaganda tool for a candidate of a single party”.

The politician highlighted the urgent need for list delegates to be present at all polling stations so that they can, in this way, monitor the vote of their candidate, the flag and a whole set of elements that must be provided to guarantee electoral stability. .

“It is essential to start with a process that will enshrine the establishment of summary minutes at the polling station, in order to assess which party is the winner in a given assembly, and the minutes must be sent to the municipality, as the Law describes, and from the municipality to the National Scrutiny Center, for this entity to convert the votes into a mandate”, he said.

Manuel Fernandes called for respect for the will of citizens, that is, valuing the choice of citizens. “For that, everything must be done in order to give the opportunity to monitor the electoral process to, effectively, correspond to the expectation of all Angolans, which is the stability of the country after the results are published”, he said.

“We must guarantee tranquility, because the elections represent a special moment, an issue that, if not well managed, can be a fracturing moment. Our country needs to mobilize investments, something that can only be achieved with a message of stability”, he stressed. .

Manuel Fernandes also received, in audience, the ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain, Manuel Lejarreta. After returning from a tour of the interior of the country, Manuel Fernandes travels today to Cabinda, where he is holding a mass political act and a door-to-door campaign to hunt for votes.

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