Coalition intends to accredit 12 thousand list delegates

Coalition intends to accredit 12 thousand list delegates
Coalition intends to accredit 12 thousand list delegates

Africa-Press – Angola. The provincial coordinator of the CASA-CE campaign in Luanda, Miguel Kimbenze, told the press yesterday that to cover the 7,000 existing polling stations in the country’s capital, the coalition will accredit 12,000 list delegates.

Speaking at the end of the door-to-door mobilization campaign in Mabuya, Banza Kitele, Canguei and Fonte Sakala, Icolo and Bengo municipality, in Luanda, he said that more than 12,000 list delegates were already mobilized in the capital to ensure the seven thousand tables. expected votes.

He assured that the civic education of the delegates is completed, so he is just waiting for the distribution at the polling stations: “I can guarantee that in Luanda we will be in all the polling stations on the 24th of August”.

As for the door-to-door campaign, held in Icolo e Bengo, he made a positive assessment, judging by the warm reception of the population. He also specified that the development of communities must be defined by the citizens, which is why the governance program was not carried out in the laboratory, but by directly listening to the beneficiaries.

“We found a population that lives on Subsistence Agriculture and Artisanal Fishing, which will oblige CASA-CE to devise policies that allow the current situation to be reversed”, he said.

He explained that the coalition will prioritize dynamic and effective policies for youth, capitalize on generations and promote employment, academic and professional training.

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