Dam desilting expands water storage

Dam desilting expands water storage
Dam desilting expands water storage

Africa-Press – Angola. The rehabilitation and de-silting works at the Neves Dam, in Humpata municipality, Huíla province, increased water storage levels from around four million cubic meters to six million.

The director of the Agricultural Development Office of the municipality of Humpata, Yosso Luís, who provided the information, said that specific works were carried out at the level of the dam wall, to fill the cracks, repair the bottom and the entire protection structure at the upper level of the dam.

The official praised the Integrated Municipal Intervention Plan (PIIM), which made it possible to increase the water level to more than one million cubic meters. With the work done, removing the areas invaded by the sludge, the height was increased to above three meters and the water storage system became effective.

Yosso Luís defends the continuity of the rehabilitation program, to add more water reserve to the current six million cubic meters. “This reserve can reach until September, which coincides with the new agricultural year”, an acceptable period, after which the dam is closed and storage and management can be carried out for the new agricultural season, he said.

According to the director of Humpata’s Agricultural Development Office, the Barragem das Neves channel has a total length of 38 kilometers, of which only 11 kilometers support the activity of 1,450 farmers, who produce in an area of ​​1,620 hectares.

On average, he said, 15,000 tons of various products are collected, including cereals, fruits and vegetables. He clarified that, with more water, the interest in working the land increases in the municipality. Yosso Luís also clarified that with the work carried out, people’s interest in working the land exceeds the current numbers.

Food Production

The municipality of Humpata produces 1,010 tons of various products annually, and the desanding of the Neves Dam is a considerable contribution to the Program to Combat Poverty, according to administrator Rita Miranda Soma.

The administrator of Humpata said that the work carried out by PIIM, in the field of Agriculture, leads to greater productivity, with income for the peasant population and farmers in the municipality quite visible.

Within the scope of PRODESI, 820 producers were registered with Humpata, on the National Production Portal (PPN), in a process that continues to be supported by six producers support agents (AMP). As for economic relief, five companies were financed. Rita Miranda Soma highlighted that, in the financing phase, within the scope of FADA, there are four producers.

The administrator informed that three economic agents were provided with vehicles, for the disposal of peasant production.

The Municipal Administration of Humpata controls 27 industries, dedicated to extractive activity (bottle table water and raw material to support Civil Construction) and processing surplus from agriculture and livestock. The municipality has four cooperatives, two of which are legal and two are in the process of being legalized. Humpata has 345 formalized merchants, focusing on small businesses.

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