Dinho Chingunji “hunts” votes in various parts of Huíla

Dinho Chingunji “hunts” votes in various parts of Huíla
Dinho Chingunji “hunts” votes in various parts of Huíla

Africa-Press – Angola. Dinho Chingunji’s party defended, yesterday, the definition of priorities for the solution of the problems of hunger and poverty. Dinho Chingunji, who considered it a privilege to be in the province of Huíla, his birthplace, said he congratulated himself on the affection of the militants and the population in general in the areas he passed through.

The president of the DJANGO party stated that, if he wins the August 24 elections, he will prioritize the sectors of agriculture, health and education as they are “key to the development of families and the country”. “The best projects are those that have an impact directly on the citizens, he said. The politician argued that the focus on agriculture and sophisticated irrigation systems as well as the reinforcement of support infrastructures, with emphasis on cold systems and large warehouses, are priorities for the party.

Dinho Chingunji said that the lack of clear definitions of priorities has embarrassed some initiatives, “some of them feasible” and with value for the country. “There are references that should be used, such as those of South Africa, Israel and the United Arab Emirates”, he said .

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