Disagreement between judge and lawyer causes one of the defendants to faint

Disagreement between judge and lawyer causes one of the defendants to faint
Disagreement between judge and lawyer causes one of the defendants to faint

Africa-Press – Angola. The trial of the so-called “Lussati Case” resumes today, at the Talatona Conference Center (CCT), after having registered, yesterday, a day of interregnum. The first session (Tuesday-28) was dominated by the presentation of preliminary questions, in which defenders seek to prevent the merits of the case from being heard, but on Wednesday, the atmosphere of tension between lawyers and the judge caused the fainting of one of the defendants.

The courtroom recorded the moment of tension between judge Andrade da Silva and lawyer Jorge Golfo Afonso, which consequently caused defendant Joaquim Amado to faint, marking the second day of the trial of the “Lussati Case”, at the Centro de Talatona Conventions, in Luanda.

Jorge Golfo Afonso, lawyer for defendant Joaquim Amado, had a disagreement with the judge in the case, which also occurred on the first day of the trial. Lawyer Domingas Oliveira explained that it all started moments after the representative of the Public Ministry presented her position on the previous questions.

The lawyer made it known that the judges and prosecutors went on a break, lasting four hours, two more than the allotted time, putting defendants, lawyers and other stakeholders in the process on a long wait. Domingas Oliveira said that, after returning to the courtroom, the presiding judge of the case, Andrade da Silva, gave the floor to the prosecutor, who took three hours to speak without being interrupted.

Then, he explained, the lawyer Jorge Golfo Afonso took the floor to present his appeal in relation to the preliminary questions, presented by him but which the Court rejected. Domingas Oliveira stressed that the Court specifically rejected 97 percent of the questions presented by the collective of lawyers.

He clarified that his colleague, when taking the floor, and, in one minute, the judge interrupted Jorge Golfo Afonso, twice, unlike the Public Ministry, who spoke for three consecutive hours. “This phenomenon happened, and the indignant lawyers made a complaint, due to this attitude of the presiding judge of the case”, he said, adding that then, while the colleague described the content of his appeal to the minutes, the judge of the case withdrew the floor and ordered the defendant Joaquim Amado, attorney Jorge Golfo Afonso’s constituent, to appoint another attorney, within a period of 8 days. pressure, in full audience, causing him to faint”, he stressed. Lawyer Domingas Oliveira, clearly unhappy with the situation,

“We all withdrew from the hearing, without signing the minutes, because of the conduct of the honorable judge in the case”, highlighted lawyer Domingas Oliveira, making it clear that the lawyers do not want to appear at the trial, without prior notification. the hearing”, said the lawyer Domingas Oliveira.

Defendant Pedro Lussati’s lawyer, Francisco Muteka, said that his constituent is psychologically well, being undergoing physiotherapy to recover his physical capacity, due to the fractures he suffered at the time of detention.

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