Economic review: 2024 and its key challenges [Business Africa]

Economic review: 2024 and its key challenges [Business Africa]
Economic review: 2024 and its key challenges [Business Africa]

Africa-Press – Angola.

After a tumultuous 2023 for African economies, 2024 is shaping up to be equally challenging.

2024: New Year, New Economic Challenges

The economic pace in Africa, slowed by the Covid-19 crisis and impacted by the consequences of the Ukrainian conflict, has been tested throughout 2023. As the new year approaches, the almost endemic inflation raises questions about its sustainability, prompting reflection on sectors deserving investment priority.

Rabah Arezki, economic expert and former vice president of the African Development Bank, sheds light on the challenges of 2024 in an Exclusive Interview with Business Africa.

Record US-Africa Trade in 2023

A review of US-Africa collaboration in 2023: a memorable chapter with the ratification of over 550 trade and investment agreements.

As the African population continues to grow, and its economic potential expands, the United States has shown a strong willingness to strengthen ties with the continent last year. More details with American analyst Calvin Dark.

In Search of Energy Self-Sufficiency: Challenges in Rural Communities in Congo

In the Republic of Congo, despite the proximity of pipelines, power plants, and high-tension lines, the electricity deficit persists in villages in the oil-rich region of Pointe-Noire, resulting in losses for local businesses. A report by our correspondent Cédric Lyonnel Sehossolo.

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