Executive will continue to expand the school network

Executive will continue to expand the school network
Executive will continue to expand the school network

Africa-Press – Angola. The Minister of State for Economic Coordination, Manuel Nunes Júnior, assured yesterday that the Executive will continue to develop actions to expand the school network in the country and hire staff and teaching staff.

“The establishment of new rules for the technical and continuous training of teachers, the equipping of schools with didactic equipment are priorities of our Executive”, said the Minister of State, when speaking at the opening of the Regional Forum to launch the Medium Term Strategy 2022 -2025, which discussed the curricular problem in African countries.

Curriculum updating, combating illiteracy in young people and adults as well as taking measures for inclusion are part of the actions that the Angolan Executive has developed, according to Manuel Nunes Júnior, who considered education a sector of “high dignity”.

“We are aware that what separates poor and rich countries is not so much material wealth, but the vast knowledge that they show in relation to us”, he stressed.

He indicated that for Angola to be considered a success case in this regard, it has to fight to minimize or cancel the existing gap in terms of knowledge. “We have to create conditions for our students and students to have access to the most advanced technologies in the world”, she appealed.

For the Minister of Education, Luísa Grilo, the sector has an irreplaceable value in the process of developing human capital.

Speaking at the opening of the Regional Forum to launch the 2022-2025 Medium Term Strategy, Luísa Grilo appealed to UNESCO’s International Bureau of Education to mobilize funds for the improvement of Education through curricular transformation in Angola.

“The importance of this forum lies in the centrality that education occupies in the measures of national, regional and global policies and commitments and the irreplaceable value in the process of human capital development”, he declared.

Luísa Grilo highlighted the personal commitment of President João Lourenço so that the sector can fulfill its social purpose and guarantee universal, inclusive education of recognized quality. “For the pursuit of this social purpose, specialized technical support from international partners is essential, especially the United Nations Agencies and the collaboration of companies”, she underlined.

The minister informed that the country accepted to host the event, hoping that with its realization the relevance of the Medium Term Strategy 2022-2025 proposed by UNESCO will be known.

“We hope that there is a commitment from all social actors, especially the entities present here, in financing projects or sponsoring those that contribute to improving the quality of education and teaching through curricular transformation”, he concluded.

During the event, topics such as: the Medium-term Strategy 2022-2025, the technical cooperation project between the Ministry of Education and UNESCO and the signing of the technical cooperation agreement were presented.

The diagnosis of the current curriculum, the curricular orientation framework, the inclusion of Angolan languages ​​in the curriculum, references of the teachers’ competence and the national assessment system were also under discussion.

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