Government of Cuando Cubango asks political parties for collaboration with PN

Government of Cuando Cubango asks political parties for collaboration with PN
Government of Cuando Cubango asks political parties for collaboration with PN

Africa-Press – Angola. The Government of the province of Cuando Cubango called, this Saturday, on political parties to collaborate with the National Police (PN) in planning their mass activities, aiming to guarantee their security and public security.

The appeal is expressed in a statement sent in Menongue, in reaction to the incident that occurred in the commune of Longa, where a caravan of UNITA activists and deputies was attacked by members of the public, when trying to complete a political party journey.

In the note, the Provincial Government advises political parties to request, in advance, the support of the Delegation of the Ministry of the Interior whenever they plan mass activities, so that the competent bodies can provide due assurance.

He highlights that, with better interaction, the Police would be able to protect citizens and their property, with a view to maintaining public order and tranquility.

The provincial government states that it became aware, through social media, of the attack with throwing stones and sticks against the caravan of the UNITA Parliamentary Group, in an incident that occurred on the EN-280, in the Longa-Cuito Cuanavale section, at around 10 am of Friday.

According to the note, contrary to what was reported, there were no deaths, with four injuries recorded, one of which was taken by police forces to the Communal Medical Post and, later, to the Menongue General Hospital.

At the same time, he adds, the reinforcement of operational measures with the forces of the Reaction and Patrol Unit was immediately advised, to consolidate the situation.

The document indicates that the Provincial Government became aware that the bodies of the Ministry of the Interior were not requested to provide adequate escort, so that the forces of order could proceed to secure the aforementioned caravan.

Even so, he explains, as soon as he became aware, the services of the Provincial Command of the National Police were called, which sent a police device to the scene, having established that it was an act carried out by ordinary citizens not affiliated with any political formation, who threw solid objects to said caravan.

“Police bodies are working hard to identify the perpetrators in order to hold them criminally responsible”, concludes the note.

UNITA confirms absence of fatal victim

UNITA also confirmed the absence of any case of death in Friday’s incident, but pointed to an “increase” in the number of injured to 10 people, aged between 28 and 72 years.

At a press conference, the provincial secretary of UNITA in Cuando Cubango, Joaquim Sacando, explained that the member of his party presumed dead was “under police care”, before being taken to a health unit.

He said he was a 63-year-old individual who “was missing for seven hours”, having been admitted to the Menongue General Hospital at the end of the day, aboard an INEMA ambulance, accompanied by police personnel.

“He was considered dead because he disappeared from 10:00 am until 5:30 pm, when he was admitted to the hospital, with medical examinations determining vital signs”, he specified, adding that his health situation “still requires care”.

As for material damage, he indicated that five of the nine vehicles in the caravan had broken windows.

In total, he indicated, 112 activists were following in the caravan, including deputies João Muzaza Sacaweza, Davide Quissadila and Jeremias Kaunda Arlindo, among other members of the largest opposition political force in Angola.

Joaquim Sacando vehemently condemned what happened and called on the competent authorities to hold the perpetrators accountable.

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