Governor assesses socio-economic situation in Panguila

Governor assesses socio-economic situation in Panguila
Governor assesses socio-economic situation in Panguila

Africa-Press – Angola. A health center with capacity for more than 35 beds could be inaugurated next April in Panguila, Dande municipality, Bengo province.

The announcement was made this Friday by the governor of Bengo, Maria Antónia Nelumba, during a field visit that she made to that locality to assess the socio-economic situation.

The hospital unit will have the services of medicine, pediatrics, pharmacy, among others.

In Panguila, the governor met with businessmen and residents, who presented the main concerns they face on a daily basis.

Among them are the lack of basic sanitation, water, electricity, public transport, access roads, schools, employment, status of the economic reconversion program (PREI), among others.

The official visited the water distribution center responsible for guaranteeing the supply of more than 100 thousand inhabitants of the locality, and in the scope of the presentation of the sixth phase of the action plan for employability, she delivered 30 professional kits of various activities.

Also worthy of the governor’s attention were the rainwater drainage ditch of the modular project between sectors 1 and 9, the houses at risk of collapsing in sector 9, the occupational arts and crafts pavilion, the coordination of the housing project and the streets impassable due to the rain.

As for issues related to education, he referred that they are safeguarded in the economic and social programs for this year.

Maria Nelumba guaranteed the solution of the problems presented and advised the communities to organize themselves into cooperatives and associations to benefit from credits and other support.

Young people from Panguila receive professional kits

Thirty professional kits were delivered to young people from the locality of Panguila, commune of Barra do Dande, to promote employability, by Governor Maria Nelumba.

The means delivered include tiling, carpentry and painting kits.

Governor Maria Antónia Nelumba considered it necessary for young people to create cooperatives and associations with an entrepreneurial spirit in order to continue to receive support in the Executive’s programmes, in improving the living conditions of families and in job creation.

The young people thanked the gesture, underlining that the means will help to carry out some professional projects and create new jobs.

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