Governor wants expansion of banking services in centralities

Governor wants expansion of banking services in centralities
Governor wants expansion of banking services in centralities

Africa-Press – Angola. The provincial governor of Bengo, Maria Antónia Nelumba, asked, in Caxito, for the expansion of banks in the centralities of Capari, Teresa Afonso Gomes and in municipalities that do not have these services.

The minister, who was speaking at a meeting with representatives from Banco BIC, said that the expansion of these services will contribute to greater inclusion of citizens in bank branches, especially when obtaining credit.

“We ask the banks to help us in this regard, we know that banks need to make profits and the installation of these services in the first phase in Capari, Bucula and the municipality of Ambriz, areas that have electricity from the public network, constitutes an added value” , he stressed.

The governor also defended the need for banks to adopt the banking correspondent system in the municipalities of Triângulo (Dembos, Bula Atumba and Pango Aluquém) and in Nambuangongo where energy from the national grid is not available.

He mentioned that the absence of banks in other municipalities in the province has created many disruptions in the lives of the population, especially in the lives of public servants who travel long distances to make a move.

The central director of BIC’s Individual Business Department, José Assis Almeida, informed that the process of installing the bank in central locations is well underway.

During the meeting, BIC presented its available services, namely consumer, housing and automobile credit.

According to a protocol signed with the provincial government, the bank will grant its customers, within the scope of notice 9/2023, the maximum amount of housing credit up to 100 million kwanzas, with an interest rate subsidized by seven percent.

Car credit lasts for five years, financing between 500 thousand and 10 million kwanzas, depending on the financial capacity of each customer.

Consumer credit is stipulated between 100 thousand and two million and 500 thousand kwanzas, has a repayment period of 48/60 months, and an interest rate that varies between two and four percent.

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