Head of State evaluates Nation issues with leaders of opposition parties

Head of State evaluates Nation issues with leaders of opposition parties
Head of State evaluates Nation issues with leaders of opposition parties

Africa-Press – Angola. The President of the Republic, João Lourenço, received, Friday (7), in separate audiences, the leaders of the National Front for the Liberation of Angola (FNLA), the Social Renewal (PRS) and Humanist Angola (PHA) parties, with which he evaluated the political environment in the country and the paths for building progress in an environment of harmony, stability and respect for difference.

With Nimi a Simbi (FNLA), Benedito Daniel (PRS) and Florbela Malaquias (PHA), the Head of State exchanged ideas and received suggestions on the policies to be adopted, to ensure governance that meets the main concerns of citizens.

Speaking to the press at the end of the meeting, at the Presidential Palace of Cidade Alta, the PHA leader said that she had addressed the President of the Republic’s willingness to strengthen democracy in the relationship with political parties.

“We express to the Head of State our willingness to be in line with everything that comes to harmonize the country and strengthen democracy”, declared Florbela Malaquias, also stressing that she made President João Lourenço feel the need for citizens to have ease and freedom access to land.

The FNLA leader said that he had asked the Head of State three issues of concern to the political organization, with emphasis on the issue of the payment of delegates who worked for the party during the General Elections on 24 August.

Nimi a Simbi dismissed responsibilities of his party in the payment of the delegates of the list, noting that the FNLA did not receive funds for this purpose. She said she had raised the issue with the Head of State, whom she also said had advanced suggestions on how best to resolve the issue.

The president of the Social Renewal Party reminded the Head of State that, despite ideological adversities, Angolans can and must live together to build the nation desired by all of society.

“The PRS can contribute with ideas for the implementation of projects and programs that, eventually, were not implemented in the previous legislature and will be executed in the near future”, declared Benedito Daniel. To journalists, the politician confessed that it was his first personal meeting with President João Lourenço, from whom he said he had received congratulations on the fact that the PRS managed to elect two deputies in Parliament.

Benedito Daniel said that he also took advantage of the moment to congratulate the President of the Republic on his re-election to his second term as President of the country.

As part of the dialogue with opposition political parties with parliamentary seats, the Head of State received, on Thursday, the leader of UNITA, Adalberto Costa Júnior, with whom he evaluated issues of national interest.

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