Lunda-Norte: Political parties highlight the promotion of dialogue to strengthen democracy

Lunda-Norte: Political parties highlight the promotion of dialogue to strengthen democracy
Lunda-Norte: Political parties highlight the promotion of dialogue to strengthen democracy

Africa-Press – Angola. The representatives of the five political parties with parliamentary seats highlighted, this Monday, in Dundo, the initiative of the governor of Lunda-Norte, Deolinda Vilarinho, in promoting dialogue with the different forces, in search of the best ways to build a true democracy, establishment of a healthy environment and socio-economic development.

Speaking to the press at the end of the meeting that the governor had with those responsible for the political forces, the provincial secretary of UNITA and deputy to the National Assembly, elected in the election of 24 August last by the circle of Lunda-Norte, Domingos Oliveira, appealed permanent dialogue with actors in society, including opposition parties.

Domingos Oliveira, who was the head of UNITA’s list in the local constituency, acknowledged that from the appointment by President João Lourenço, to the swearing in and presentation to the population, the new governor “starts well, taking into account the importance of dialogue in building national unity and genuine democracy”.

He considered that, based on the approximation being built with society, any difficulties the governor will find support for their resolution: “The promotion of dialogue allows for genuine governance and democracy”.

He reinforced that nowadays all forces complete the country and advises a permanent dialogue. The deputy referred that the new governor of Lunda-Norte was also persuaded of the need to appoint a provincial government, made up of civil society cadres with proven technical, professional and academic capacity.

During the meeting with the governor, the UNITA deputy said he also referred to the need to work on the repeal of the Mining Code, in order to defend the rights and duties of the populations residing along the diamond exploration zones.

The deputy provincial secretary of the MPLA, Fernando Terça Quindji, highlighted that the meeting between governor Deolinda Vilarinho and representatives of political parties with parliamentary seats demonstrates the opening for participatory governance.

The politician said that Deolinda Vilarinho knows the problems of Lunda-Norte well, hence he believes that with other political forces the foundations will be created for solving the population’s problems.

The chairman of the Provincial Political Commission of the Humanist Party of Angola (PHA) said that, in the meeting with the governor, he expressed concerns related to the improvement of communication routes, the urban transport system in the city of Dundo, capital of Lunda-Norte, through the inspection of the services provided by operators that received buses from the State and the issue related to the lack of medicines in the reference health units.

Manuel Massanzo admitted that, with the principle of meeting with the political forces of the opposition, the new governor of Lunda-Norte is open to working with everyone to solve the province’s problems.

The provincial secretary of the Social Renewal Party (PRS), Domingos Lote Cassova, suggested that the governor’s work team should include civil society personalities who show the ability to help.

For his part, Carlos Mulamba, provincial secretary of the FNLA, defended the construction of new markets in the city of Dundo, improvement of basic sanitation and electricity.

Proximity Governance

Deolinda Vilarinho, presented to the local population on 28 September, underlined that “working more and communicating better”, according to the words transmitted by the President of the Republic, João Lourenço, constitute the premises of current governance, in which political parties are called to make their contribution.

The governor believes that, with the reinforcement of public consultations, the Executive will have the “common denominator” to solve all the problems of the population of Lunda-Norte.

He said that the governance of the province is also the responsibility of the political forces of the opposition, from which the State wants to seek important subsidies for the well-being of all.

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