Manuel Fernandes discusses elections with US ambassador

Manuel Fernandes discusses elections with US ambassador
Manuel Fernandes discusses elections with US ambassador

Africa-Press – Angola. Issues related to the peaceful political transition after the announcement of the electoral results of the 24th of this month, in Angola, dominated, this Tuesday, the meeting between the US ambassador to the country, Tulinabo Mushingi, and the leader of CASA-CE, Manuel Fernandes.

Speaking to the press, the candidate for President of the Republic by CASA-CE stated, in the approximately one-hour meeting, that they also addressed the US vision in relation to the reforms underway in the country.

Manuel Fernandes said that the occasion allowed him to reassure the US ambassador about the period after the elections, thus removing any possibility of national instability.

The two interlocutors also addressed issues related to international relations and the positioning of the coalition in the defense of national interests in the world arena. He informed that CASA-CE intends, in case of victory in the elections of 24 August, to implement at international level a policy of good neighborliness, based on the strengthening of political relations with African countries and with the USA.

Asked about the current African political situation, Manuel Fernandes said that African leaders must “design concrete actions” so that the continent ceases to be subordinated, becoming more economically, culturally, socially and politically independent.

The leader of CASA-CE, Ma-nuel Fernandes, considered that, so far, despite some cases of intolerance, the campaign is taking place in a “climate of harmony and tranquility”.

CASA-CE, he continued, has no difficulties in cohabiting with the other candidates in the electoral process. In this context, CASA-CE proposes to create, within the scope of its State reform policy, the “Political Statute of the Opposition”. and Zaire, the politician considered it “positive” because citizens are attentive to the current situation in the country.

CASA-CE, created on April 3, 2012, competes with the motto “House, work and fair salary”. In its first participation, in 2012, it elected 8 deputies and five years later (in 2017) it obtained twice deputies.

The coalition is made up of the Angolan Majority Free Alliance Party (PALMA), the Support Party for Democracy and Development – ​​Patriotic Alliance (PADDA-AP), the Angolan Pacific Party (PPA), the National Salvation Party of Angola (PNSA) and Democratic Party for Progress of Angolan National Alliance (PDP-ANA)

For the suffrage of the 24th of this month, 14 million, 399 thousand voters are qualified to vote, of which 22 thousand and 560 are resident abroad. The voting abroad, the first in Angola’s history, will take place in 25 cities in 12 countries.

The MPLA, UNITA, PRS, FNLA, APN, PHA and P-NJANGO parties and the CASA-CE coalition are competing for this year’s election . These are the fifth elections held in Angola, after 1992, 2008, 2012 and 2017.

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