Minister Téte António swears in new MIREX staff

Minister Téte António swears in new MIREX staff
Minister Téte António swears in new MIREX staff

Africa-Press – Angola. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Téte António, this Friday, in Luanda, swore in ten new senior officials for management and leadership positions in the ministerial department he directs.

These are, respectively, Ambassador Colense Sebastião de Sousa, who will henceforth serve as Consul General of Angola in Istanbul, Turkey, Clemente Camenha, as director of the office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister Counselor Miguel Dilamícua , which will lead towards Asia and Oceania; and counselor Flávia Chinossanda Isaac Lutucuta, to perform the role of Deputy Director of the Cabinet of Minister Téte António.

On the occasion, Carlos Jorge Quete, head of the Strategic Studies Department, Teresa Agla de Sousa Gautier, head of the Language Department, João Francisco da Silva, head of the Department of Communication, Technological Innovation and Modernization of Services, Edvirgens Aurora Sasusso da Cunha, head of the Department of Support to the Director General, Sapalo Cuangana Oliveira António, head of the Department of Administration and General Services, Kinavuidi Mbuta, head of the Training Department, all of them from the Diplomatic Academy “Venâncio de Moura”, a body supervised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Angola.

When addressing the sworn in, the head of Angolan Diplomacy, Téte António, asked for commitment, zeal and a spirit of mission in pursuit of the ultimate goal, which is the enhancement of diplomacy, the Ministry and the Homeland, in the concert of Nations.

The inauguration took place in the “Paulo Teixeira Jorge” Noble Hall of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, witnessed by the Secretaries of State, respectively, Esmeralda Mendonça and Domingos Custódia Vieira Lopes, the director-general of the Diplomatic Academy Venâncio de Moura, Marcos Barrica, Deputy Director General Matias Pires, as well as the directors of the Internal Executive Bodies of that Ministerial Department.

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