More than 100 athletes compete in the BFA Cup

More than 100 athletes compete in the BFA Cup
More than 100 athletes compete in the BFA Cup

Africa-Press – Angola. One hundred and 15 swimmers who evolve in the province of Luanda compete, today, from 9 am, a test in both sexes, called “BFA Cup”, absolutely, taking place in the Alvalade Swimming Pool.

These are athletes from 1º de Agosto, Clube Náutico, Onda Sport Clube, Academia Desportiva Escolar Olímpica da Anunciação (ADEOA) and Clube Naval.

The competition will only involve fast events in the distances of 50 and 100 meters freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke, relay 4×100 meters freestyle and styles, in two sessions (morning and afternoon).

According to the registration list, the event will count with the participation of swimmers from 7 to 9 years old, to give them competitive shooting and get them used to the automatic timing process.

In this event, the majority of swimmers who recently won eight medals (one gold, five silver, two bronze) in the Complete Swimmer Tournament, held last weekend in Maputo, will also evolve.

They are: Luciano Afonso, Enzo Angos, José Cochofel, Marco Furtado, Emanuel Lutango, Adão Mona, David Padre, Nataniel Pina, Djamel Pires, Janel Tati, Hélio Miguel, Naail Sulivan (male).

For women, Zana Harting, Welwitschia Silva, Neizla Santos, Rhanya Santo, Rafaela Santo, Natércia Ramos, Beatriz Pires, Ana Nunes, Nyriam Morais, Maria Parembelli, Beatriz Maria, Milena Lourenço, Nelma Janota, Lucrécia Gomes and Luyane Costa were present.

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