More than 200 families from Cuchi benefit from the Kwenda project

More than 200 families from Cuchi benefit from the Kwenda project
More than 200 families from Cuchi benefit from the Kwenda project

Africa-Press – Angola. Yesterday, the Local Development Institute resumed the process of delivering benefits to at least 226 needy families in the villages of Chiengo, Mukengue and Kaquene, which are more than 100 kilometers away from the municipal seat of Cuchi, Cuando Cubango province, benefited from cash transfers, within the scope of the Social Protection Strengthening Program (Kwenda).

The Local Development Institute (IDL) started in August of this year to support a total of 3,018 households, residing in 47 villages in the municipality of Cuchi, who are receiving 51 thousand kwanzas each, equivalent to the delivery of subsidies for six months, corresponding to 8,500 kwanzas per month.

The director of the FAZ in Cuando Cubango, Zeferino Cavalo, explained that, taking into account the poor state of the roads that give access to the localities covered, the institution he directs, in collaboration with the central structures, decided to deliver subsidies corresponding to six months, in order to facilitate the process.

He informed that in Cuando Cubango, the process began in 2020, in the municipality of Cuito Cuanavale, where 12,019 households have already benefited from nine social monetary transfers out of the 12 planned.

Zeferino Cavalo said that the delivery of benefits in Cuchi started in August of the current year and had a stoppage because of the electoral process, but that work has now resumed and that it will later be extended to the municipalities of Cuangar, Dirico and Rivungo.

In addition to monetary social transfers, Kwenda comprises three other components, namely, productive inclusion, which aims to include families in income-generating activities, through Agriculture, Commerce, Arts and Crafts, among other services.

There is also the component of the single social register, which has the purpose of creating a database with diversified information on poverty and vulnerability of families, to allow the State to create social protection policies.

As well as the municipalization of social action, which aims to bring social services closer to citizens, through the creation of Integrated Social Action Centers (CASI), Cuando Cubango already has one in operation in the municipality of Cuito Cuanavale.

“Kwenda is a government program that aims to support families in extreme poverty, valued at US$420 million, financed at US$320 million by the World Bank and US$100 million from the National Treasury”, recalled the director of FAS.

The administrator of Cuchi, Joaquim Assureira, expressed his satisfaction with the choice of the municipality, a fact that will help to reduce the needs that the most needy populations face.

“The population is satisfied, but the project must be more comprehensive, because unfortunately some neighborhoods were not benefited and this situation should be seen, because these subsidies have helped families to create other sources of income”, he stressed.

He said that ninety percent of the population of Cuchi lives in a vulnerable situation and many are acquiring small animals for breeding and various seeds for cultivation.

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