More than 30 diamond stones seized

More than 30 diamond stones seized
More than 30 diamond stones seized

Africa-Press – Angola. Thirty-seven diamond stones of various carats were seized by the Criminal Investigation Service in Lunda Norte, for illicit trafficking.

The information was provided this Monday, in Dundo, by the spokesperson for the National Police in Lunda Norte, Domingos Muanafumo, highlighting that the seizure of the diamonds was made during a micro operation, which aimed to combat illicit trafficking of the mineral and the fuel smuggling.

He said that the operation took place in areas where there are several diamond mining hotspots and along the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Without revealing the number of citizens involved in the crime and detained, he said that during the operation, 1,575 liters of fuel were seized, due to contraband and destined for the DRC.

He made it known that the diamonds were handed over to the Operation Transparency Listing Committee and the fuel to the General Tax Administration (AGT), as custodians.

He added that during the operation, 699 DRC citizens were detained for attempting to illegally enter the national territory at the border posts in the municipalities of Cuango, Caungula, LoĢvua Chitato and Cambulo.

He said that after the administrative acts, they, accompanied by 117 children and who intended to settle in diamond exploration areas and reach Luanda, the capital of Angola, were repatriated to their country of origin.

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