More than 300 operators in the identification of polling stations in Zaire

More than 300 operators in the identification of polling stations in Zaire
More than 300 operators in the identification of polling stations in Zaire

Africa-Press – Angola. A total of 345 operators, trained by the Provincial Electoral Commission (CPE), ensure the process of identifying polling stations, exactly where each voting citizen will exercise their right to citizenship, in the province of Zaire.

This process is proceeding at a good pace, the Jornal de Angola learned yesterday in Mbanza Congo. According to the spokesman for the Provincial Electoral Commission (CPE) in Zaire, Zola Victorino, the act was an essential task.

He said that through name, Identity Card (BI) number or voter card, each citizen eligible for general elections gets to know his assembly, in order to avoid constraints from 24 to 24 of the current year.

“The voters of the six municipalities in the province of Zaire must collaborate with the operators so that on August 24th, the date of the general elections, they can know the place where they will exercise their right to citizenship, so that no one wastes time looking for the After knowing the place of voting, very early and in an orderly manner, the voter will go there as soon as the voting process is opened and thus everyone will exercise their right”, he explained.

For this purpose, said Zola Victorino, operators were distributed according to the reality of each municipality. Mbanza Kongo has 120 operators, followed by Soyo with 112, Kuimba with 48 and Nzeto with 30. The municipalities of Tomboco and Nóqui have 20 and 15 operators.

The process started on the 26th of July and goes until the voting day, with a tablet (portable computerized device) connected to the Internet and a mini-printer carrying out the task of guiding the vote.

For Manuel Matos, 30 years old, operator in the process, the collaboration of citizens is considered acceptable and, as a result, the task is being easy. The daily target of 30 voters is being reached.

“There is collaboration from voters. There has been no complication during the work, so I always manage to reach my goal of 30 voters who identify the assemblies so that on the 24th they can exercise their civic duty”, he added.

According to Manuel Matos, the places with the highest concentration of people, namely, markets, churches, deaths and in the political acts of the parties, have been the main points of action.

The province of Zaire has 321,781 voters, 259 polling stations, 566 polling stations for the August 24 election, distributed across six municipalities and 25 communes.

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