MPLA deputies appreciate PIIM works

MPLA deputies appreciate PIIM works
MPLA deputies appreciate PIIM works

Africa-Press – Angola. Members of the MPLA Parliamentary Group expressed their satisfaction with the level of execution of the PIIM works, in the municipality of Cacuaco, in Luanda, where they visited eight projects over the weekend, six of which have already been completed and two in the phase of conclusion.

The deputy of the 8th Commission on Family, Childhood and Social Action, Dulce Ginga, said that the MPLA Parliamentary Group is satisfied, “because the execution of the eight works visited, in the municipality of Cacuaco, within the scope of the PIIM, is a reality He said that they will meet the main needs of the populations, present in sectors such as Health, Education and mobility.

“With the conclusion of the works, more people will have access to medical care, as well as more children will be included in the National Education System. It is a clear gain that these works will bring at the municipal level, and we are all satisfied”, said Dulce Ginga.

For the deputy governor of the province of Luanda for the Political and Social Sector, Dionísio da Fonseca, the municipality of Cacuaco is the second with the most PIIM projects completed. In this sense, he said, the visit of the deputies is of great importance as the monitoring of the projects ends up adding value to the work carried out at the level of the communities.

The verification of the works began in the main village, with a visit to the Maternal and Child Center, a unit with a capacity for inpatient care for 20 patients, already completed and properly equipped, waiting only for its opening.

MPLA parliamentarians then visited the concreting works on the Wade-IBA section, an eight-kilometre route, of which more than four have already been completed, in the Boa Esperança neighbourhood, Kicolo Urban District.

The works, which will later evolve towards the old Praça da Madeira road, which starts from the Wade Adams section, passes through the Jehovah’s Witnesses temple and ends at the Kicolo Health Center, also integrating tertiary roads, at a good pace.

Afterwards, the works on the road from the Cerâmica/Sóescapes/Eco-Campo neighborhood to the Municipal Hospital of Cacuaco followed, a project with an execution rate of 53 percent. The deputies received explanations from the contractor about the ruptures in some EPAL pipes, which have been causing constraints to the work.

In the commune of Funda, the next stage of the visit, the deputies appreciated the construction work of a T12 type school, in the Kilunda district, with the capacity to accommodate 1200

students, waits for equipment, as is the case with the Primary School Complex nº 4012, in the Mulundu neighborhood.

Also in Funda, the deputies also X-rayed the Mother and Child Centre, whose works are 100 percent complete, and are also awaiting equipping.

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