MPLA leader speaks to activists in Largo da Independência

MPLA leader speaks to activists in Largo da Independência
MPLA leader speaks to activists in Largo da Independência

Africa-Press – Angola. MPLA leader João Lourenço landed early yesterday afternoon in the city of Uíge, to preside over a mass political act today, in Largo da Independência, as part of the electoral campaign for the general elections on the 24th of this month.

At Manuel Quarta Punza airport, João Lourenço was received by the first secretary of the party, José Carvalho da Rocha, having been effusively greeted by hundreds of militants, who had been waiting for him since very early, displaying flags and posters with sayings that expressed full support for the re-candidate for the position of President of the Republic.

After having already campaigned in the provinces of Cuando Cubango, Bié, Lunda-Sul, Moxico, Bengo and Lunda-Norte, João Lourenço will, once again, try to convince the electorate of the old city of Carmona to vote for the MPLA and the its leader, as a way of guaranteeing peace, stability, national reconciliation, as well as the continuation of the social and economic projects underway in the country and, particularly, in the lands of the “red berry”.

Even before setting foot on the soil of Uíge, the city’s streets were completely decked out in red, yellow and black, symbolizing the colors of the MPLA flag. In one or another corner of the city, there is no talk of anything other than today’s mass political act, to which the party’s mobilizing machine expects to bring tens of thousands of militants, friends and sympathizers, from the 16 municipalities of the province.

João Lourenço met, upon arrival, with the party’s leadership in the province, from which he received detailed explanations about the functioning of the party structures at various levels, above all, the way they prepare to face the upcoming election.

The second secretary of the MPLA in Uíge, Pedro Conga, said that in terms of organization and mobilization of militants for the act, there were no constraints, noting that sufficient means of transport and logistics were mobilized, above all, for the activists from distant municipalities.

“We have no constraints, either from the point of view of mobilization or organization. Our leader is welcome to the province”, declared the very expectant politician.

Young people bet on continuity

As part of the election on the 24th of this month, the Jornal de Angola report heard yesterday from some young people from the city of Uíge, about what they think of the great party of democracy. The majority said they preferred to vote for continuity (in the MPLA), arguing that it is the party that guarantees greater security to avoid the interruption of the various economic and social projects underway throughout the national territory.

“Voting for the MPLA will be the right thing for me”, said António Segunda, a high school student in the city of Uíge, adding that “giving the vote to another party would be the same as tearing down all the projects underway in the province planned by the current Executive”.

Catarina Dorivalda Rafael, 24, a civil servant, also shares the same idea, stressing that “the vote in these elections is reserved for the MPLA and its leader”. “Of all the competing parties, I still consider the MPLA, which best structure it presents to govern Angola from Cabinda to Cunene”, said the young woman.

Anacleto Domingos, 19, a street vendor at the Uíge Municipal Market, said that after listening to the campaign speeches of the different candidates for the 2022 General Elections, the messages that so far convince him the most are from the leader of the MPLA, as they are “the most realistic”.

“Some candidates are just making promises they know they won’t keep”, said Anacleto Domingos.

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