MPLA Reaffirms in Bié Achievements Focused on the Well-Being of the Population

MPLA Reaffirms in Bié Achievements Focused on the Well-Being of the Population
MPLA Reaffirms in Bié Achievements Focused on the Well-Being of the Population

Africa-Press – Angola. The president of the MPLA Parliamentary Group, Joaquim António dos Reis Júnior, reiterated Saturday, in the city of Cuito, capital of the province of Bié, the party’s commitment to the materialization of public policies focused on achieving the well-being of the populations.

The deputy was speaking at a meeting with party activists, friends and supporters, as part of the II MPLA Parliamentary Days, which the capital of Bié will host from the 22nd to the 28th of June.

Joaquim António dos Reis Júnior highlighted that the objective is to continue responding to the wishes of the Angolan people, with the implementation of consistent socioeconomic projects.

He also added that the MPLA wants to win the 2027 elections, and, to this end, has been improving its work with the electorate.

He also highlighted the resilience of JMPLA and OMA, as well as the commitment that the party’s youth organization has been making in energizing and mobilizing young people for the challenges of the present and the future.

Joaquim António dos Reis was satisfied with the levels of progress that Bié has achieved, after 27 years of an atrocious civil war, and encouraged young people to continue participating in the region’s growth.

On the occasion, the first secretary of the MPLA in Bié, Pereira Alfredo, highlighted the unity, cohesion and organization that exists in the province, which has allowed it to remain strong in terms of organization in the nine municipalities.

Despite this, he pointed out that there are still immense challenges to overcome, in several areas, which requires the collaboration and dedication of all citizens.

According to the program, just yesterday, deputies visited an agricultural potential fair and the Ekovongo market.

Today, parliamentarians will undertake various visits to churches based in Cuito and will have meetings with representatives of civil society.

During the event, deputies will also visit the nine municipalities in the province of Bié, to maintain contact with the populations, as well as inspect works or infrastructure built within the scope of the Integrated Program for Intervention in Municipalities (PIIM).

The II Parliamentary Days take place under the motto “MPLA-Serving the People and Making Angola Grow”.

The official opening of the Parliamentary Days takes place tomorrow, Monday, in a ceremony to be led by the vice-president of the MPLA, Luísa Damião.

The II Parliamentary Days of the V Legislature aim to publicize the MPLA-2024 Political Agenda, train deputies on burning issues in national political life, as well as establish contacts with institutions, civil society figures and citizens.

During this event, several topics will be discussed, distributed across two panels.

In the first panel, parliamentarians will address “Local Authorities and the Political and Administrative Organization of the State” and in the second “The MPLA as a guarantor of Development”.

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