New teachers in Malanje improve teaching methods

New teachers in Malanje improve teaching methods
New teachers in Malanje improve teaching methods

Africa-Press – Angola. A total of 360 teachers, admitted to the second phase of the public tender for entry into the Education sector, in the academic year 2021/2022, in the province of Malanje, completed, on Friday, a specialized training aimed at developing scientific, academic and didactic skills and ethical-methodological.

Participants in the training, which lasted five days, took place under the motto “The transformation of education begins with the teacher”, discussed topics related to the assessment of theoretical and practical learning.

Among the subjects, the teachers addressed the “Class as a Form of Organization of the Teaching-Educational Process”, “Planning”, “Method”, “Introduction to Statistics”, “Educational Ethics and Communication”.

The issue of sexual harassment in school institutions, the foundations of real operations and the influence of the school/family/community relationship on the student’s meaningful learning were other topics discussed.

In addition, in training, teachers had the opportunity to reinforce notions about elaboration and materialization, reflection, perspective, active methodologies in the teaching and learning process and discursive language skills.

The director of the Provincial Education Office, Manuel Osório, considered the seminar to be fruitful, as it served to enhance knowledge of teachers in the fields of specialty and General Didactics, with a view to achieving the best performance in the exercise of the activity.

Manuel Osório also stressed that the seminar provided the new teachers with knowledge about Angolan educational legislation for a greater awareness of their rights and duties as civil servants and to provide pedagogical aggregation to new teachers.

More Responsibility And Ethics

At the end of the act, the deputy governor for the Political and Social Sector, Domingos Eduardo, urged the new teachers to have more responsibility, ethics, pride and productivity in the exercise of their teaching activities.

The vice provincial governor considered that teachers, anywhere in the world, are special and that social transformation, development and the pursuit of moral, ethical and patriotic values ​​depend on their good deeds.

“Your good action is, to a large extent, the guarantee of building a good society, to live in and help fight ignorance anywhere”, maintained Domingos Eduardo.

The deputy governor assured that teachers placed in distant areas will benefit from confinement or isolation subsidies.

At the end of the training, the teachers received placement and walking guides to present themselves in the areas where they must work.

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