P-NJANGO rally in Lubango canceled

P-NJANGO rally in Lubango canceled
P-NJANGO rally in Lubango canceled

Africa-Press – Angola. The president of the P-NJANGO party, Dinho Chingunji, did not hold the mass act scheduled for 11 am yesterday, in Lubango, due to a sudden “unease”.

“I want to announce that the president cannot attend this activity for reasons of discomfort”, spokeswoman Leonarda Armando told the press, at the place, where less than 100 militants, sympathizers and friends of the party were gathered.

Speaking to journalists, Leonarda Armando added that “the president felt unwell in the morning and waited for him to recover, but unfortunately, so far, no substantial improvement has been noticed”.

In an alarm signal, the spokeswoman informed that attending the act “was impossible and the trip to Namibe”, where she would fulfill her schedule, “was conditioned due to her condition”.

Asked if she received medical care at the Central Hospital, Leonarda Bernardo said that the president of P-NJANGO “is being treated by a private doctor at the inn”.

The information on the health status of the candidate for the position of President of the Republic by P-NJANGO caused concern among activists and professionals from various media who had been waiting since morning for the presence of Dinho Chingunji.

Posted in the hostel, the professionals heard the candidate say that he felt sick on Thursday night after the march through the city of Lubango, so “a doctor friend recommended rest to avoid falling on stage”.

According to him, “it is nothing serious, he just had a sore throat”, but that he is already improving, so “the fuss should be avoided so as not to worry the family members”.

“I’m not so bad as to leave for another world. I’m human and not a machine. I’m tired and complying with the rest recommended by the doctor”, he reassured.

Asked if the reduced number of militants in the place was related to his absence, he denied that this is the reason, announcing that he was ready to continue his journey yesterday at the end of the day to the province of Namibe.

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